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We are all in this together! Community is about taking care of our families, coworkers and people in need. It's putting the values we share into action to make a real difference where we live, work and play. The decisions we make as a company are grounded in respect, building open, honest relationships, and feeling a true sense of responsibility for each other.

Health and Safety Coordinator Carolyn Hall describes the best part of working at Tom's of Maine — the people!

Caring for each other

Our passion for doing good is rooted inside our walls here in Maine. We stick together and take care of each other! We're not just a team, we're family. Ensuring health and happiness at home is the only way to begin helping people live well in communities across the country. 23 Health and wellness benefits we offer ourselves (and the planet) are a good start. Popular ones include:

  • Green car benefit — we help employees buy fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Year-round on-site wellness programs — including massages and reflexology
  • Tuition aid and child care assistance
  • On-site workout rooms
  • Unlimited bowls of fresh, organic fruit
  • Pet friendly work envioronment
  • Adoption benefit
  • 5% paid time to volunteer

Small things like letting us bring our dogs to work help us feel connected to each other and the things we care about. Fiona and her dog "Russell" love being together!

Citizen Engagement Brand Manager Rob Robinson is grateful for company benefits that helped him adopt his daughter from Ethiopia.

Goodness Day

How much good can a team of more than 100 people pulling together do in just one day? That's what the Tom's of Maine annual Goodness Day is all about. We think there's no better way to get to know each other and bring positive change at the same time.

In 2013, we put on our work boots, gloves and raincoats to help clear trails, improve accessibility and preserve the Mt. Agamenticus Conservation Region not far from our headquarters in Kennebunk.

Not even pouring rain could keep us off Mount Agamenticus. Watch this short video.

12 days for good

Connecting with our neighbors and local non-profits through volunteerism is a favorite benefit for Tom's of Maine employees. Each year we get 5% of work time off (12 days for full-time employees) to volunteer. From helping at a local school to working to preserve the Maine landscape, everyone at Tom's of Maine is encouraged to follow their heart.

85% of us volunteered in our communities in 2013. Ultimately, we're hoping to achieve 100% goodness — everyone following in the footsteps of these volunteer veterans:

  • Bridget Burns, Social Media Strategist helps at Kennebunkport Conservation Trust
  • Tom O'Brien, CEO helps Habitat for Humanity and Lighthouse Youth Services
  • Paul Jessen, Innovation Brand Manager helps at Goodwill Industries
  • Cathy Martineau, Finance Analyst helps at Kennebunk Animal Welfare Society and Preble Street for Solutions for Homelessness, Hunger + Poverty
  • John Maravich, Manufacturing Facility Engineering Manager helps at Woodman Park Elementary

PR and Goodness Programs Manager Susan Dewhirst talks about why volunteering means so much to us.

Donating 10% of our profits

Thank you for helping us make "good" on our promise way ahead of time! We pledged that by 2020 our employees and customers would fully direct our goodness donations. We've already reached our goal! Here are just a few of the charitable organizations that received a portion of 10% of our profits in 2013.

  • Sanford Dental Clinic
  • Trek Across Maine for the Maine Lung Association
  • Preble Street Shelter
  • Mount Agamenticus Conservation + Preservation
  • One Fund — Boston Marathon Victims
  • West Texas Disaster Relief Efforts — Fertilizer Fire Victims
  • Heart of Illinois United Way — Tornado Recovery

Dental Health for All

As a pioneer in natural oral care products for nearly 40 years, we feel a responsibility to helping all people get the oral care they need. Our Dental Health for All program has provided more than $1 million in dental care funding and more than a million toothpaste tube donations over the past decade.

  • In 2013, we asked you to share your child's artistic interpretation of the Tooth Fairy for a chance to make a difference close to home
  • 10 winners each received a $10,000 donation in their name to a clinic in their area and free toothpaste for their school
  • Join us in 2014 for an exciting new way to help families across the country

50 States for Good

If you want to feel good about the future, explore budding nonprofits in your area. The ideas are genius, the ambition is inspiring and the impact can last and last.

Our 50 States for Good program grows the grassroots spirit of the nonprofits dedicated to healthy, human or environmental goodness. Each year, we ask you to vote and choose where we invest $150,000 to help communities across the country.

Need a dose of optimism? Meet our 2013 recipients who each received $10,000 in Tom's of Maine funding.

Progress Snapshot

Don't you love surprises? Meeting one of our community goals seven years early was a big one. 100% of our charitable giving is now directed by citizen philanthropy. That means the Tom's of Maine community — our customers and employee teams — now make key decisions on where we give back 10% of our profits to the greater good.

We are still working for 100% participation in our company benefit of 12 paid days each year for volunteering. 85% of us are now participating!

Community Goals Tracker

OUR GOAL: Continually mobilize and empower more employees to use the 5% Volunteer Benefit (12 full days per year).

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Community Goals Tracker

OUR GOAL: Transform 100% of our Corporate philanthropy to be directed by consumers and employee teams.

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