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Our passion for natural goodness and quality stretches back more than 40 years. We've always believed it's what's inside our products that matters and that you have a right to know. That's why we share every ingredient, its purpose and its source. Our Stewardship Model challenges us to limit ingredient processing and some of our ingredient fact sheets show you processing information. We continue working to give you even more details on how we prepare ingredients. Being honest is the way we do business and it's the first step toward ensuring the quality our Stewardship Model promises.

A Goodness compass

Where should you go? Check your compass! We have one. It's called our Stewardship Model and it helps keep us on a natural, sustainable and responsible path. It's the foundation of every key decision we make and it always points us in the right direction. We even have our own watchdog team of employees to enforce it.

Our Stewardship Model is never more important than when ingredients are involved. Our ingredient choices represent so much:

  • Our devotion to natural, sustainable and responsible
  • Our support for healthy, human and environmental values
  • Making safe, effective products with naturally-derived ingredients

CEO Tom O'Brien explains the power of our Stewardship Model.

Natural quality starts at the source

What if you knew the story behind every ingredient you touched? Our quality promise to you includes making sure we know where an ingredient is sourced and how it is made. Our ingredients are derived from natural sources and many of them come from renewable plant materials. We also consider environmental impact.

  • Our Stewardship Model guides our scientists in the review, selection and use of ingredients
  • You can find every ingredient we use, its purpose and its source on our website
  • We screen prospective suppliers to make sure their approach to purity, consistency, safety, processing, sustainability and responsibility meets our stewardship standards with proof to back it up

"We want to work with suppliers that share our values and it's great to do business with a neighbor. Our calcium carbonate supplier in nearby Massachusetts is a good example."

- Mark Dobrovolny
Research & Development Director

Favorites and requirements. Your choice.

We're all in this together! That's why we've always tried to respect your feelings about what you want and need in a personal care product. Preferences matter and creating choices are the only way to go. Whether it's a favorite ingredient or a personal requirement, we are grateful that you challenge us to deliver different options and key certifications .

  • All of our products are certified cruelty-free according to PETA — no animal testing or animal ingredients
  • The list of our toothpastes that have earned the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance has been growing since 1995
  • As of 2013, 100% of our products are gluten-free
  • 91% of our products are certified as kosher and pareve
  • 91% of our products carry the Halal endorsement

In addition to flavor varieties, Customer and Shopper Marketing Leader Matt Smith says fluoride is a symbol of our heritage of offering choice.

"We have been a leader and an advocate for the Food and Drug Administration to accept animal-free testing protocols for efficacy testing of fluoride toothpaste products."

- Pam Scheeler
Claims and Stewardship Manager

"Tom's of Maine is the first and only natural care brand to earn the ADA Seal of Acceptance for toothpaste, floss and mouthwash."

- Lindsay McPherson
Oral Care Brand Manager

Better stewardship in every deodorant

Know what's exciting? When your search for more natural, sustainable and responsible ingredients pays off! These days that excitement includes a 100% petroleum-free version of propylene glycol, which acts as a base ingredient that helps our deodorants "gel." We've been trying to find a petroleum-free alternative for years. Thanks for your patience!

  • We are now switching from natural gas-derived propylene glycol to plant-derived alternative in our deodorants
  • Comes from soy or coconuts
  • No change in how our deodorants smell, feel or work

Brand Manager Fiona Russell explains why everyone wins with a plant-derived propylene glycol alternative.

Meeting higher expectations for SLS-free

What's sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)? Well, in toothpaste it gives you that foamy feeling when you brush. For various reasons, some people don't want it. But they told us that the SLS-free toothpastes they were finding in stores didn't foam well, didn't taste good and just didn't work overall. So we went to work pioneering Botanically Bright whitening toothpaste .

  • Foamy feeling from lauryl glucoside and sodium cocoyl glutamate derived from coconut or palm kernel oil and corn
  • Contains xylitol, a known plaque-acid reducer
  • Great taste thanks to natural mint oils

Customer and Shopper Marketing Leader Matt Smith says nature surprised us with xylitol in Botanically Bright toothpaste.

The Comeback you made possible

Offering a range of choices can be difficult. A few years ago we opted to stop making toothpaste with our exotic gingermint flavor. But it didn't take long for hundreds of your letters and calls to start flowing into the office here in Kennebunk, Maine.

So we decided to bring this classic flavor back. It wasn't easy, but we found a fresh ginger oil supplier that could consistently deliver the right taste profile.

If ever there was an example of Tom's of Maine listening to fans and making a difference, it's Propolis & Myrrh Gingermint Baking Soda toothpaste. Have you tried it?

Customer and Shopper Marketing Leader Matt Smith reads from letters of gratitude from loyal gingermint flavor fans.

Can antiperspirant work naturally? No sweat.

Whether you've been on the yoga mat for an hour or just had a very long day, no one likes to, well, smell. Right behind that concern is sweating. It took some science and even more imagination but we figured out how to create an antiperspirant made entirely from ingredients derived from plants and minerals. Naturally Dry antiperspirant stick for women is a first for the industry!

  • Wetness protection ingredient aluminum chlorohydrate made from recycled aluminum originally derived from natural mineral bauxite ore
  • Effectively fights perspiration for 24 hours
  • Recyclable packaging from canister to cap

Brand Manager Fiona Russell and Claims and Stewardship Manager Pam Scheeler explain the science behind Naturally Dry antiperspirant.

New hope for old toothbrushes

We would like to do better than sending our used toothbrushes into a big hole in the ground. Our new Naturally Clean toothbrush shows it's possible to have a durable and effective toothbrush that can also be recycled.

  • Our Stewardship Model guided us to a plant-based handle made from castor oil, not petroleum-based plastic
  • Naturally Clean can be recycled through the Tom's of Maine Natural Care Brigade , a partnership with TerraCycle ®
  • Through TerraCycle ® , toothbrushes and personal care packaging of any brand is recycled or upcycled into cool new products like a backpacks or park benches

Progress snapshot

Tom's of Maine was founded on the belief that you want natural products derived from natural sources without the use of animal ingredients or animal testing. Our commitment hasn't changed but the challenge is always changing. After more than 40 years, we continue to search for ways to evolve our ingredient selection to benefit you and the planet. Keep sharing your preferences with us! We are energized by the ingredient conversation. Feedback helps us grow the options we offer and inspires our own thinking about what's possible.

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OUR GOAL: Maintain cruelty-free, animal-free product standard.

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Ingredient Goals Tracker

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OUR GOAL: Maintain no artificial colors, flavors, fragrances or preservatives.

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