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You expect us to find more environmentally friendly ways to package our products. We expect it from the brands we buy, too! Zero packaging waste in landfills is a goal we can all get excited about. Recycling is going strong at Tom's of Maine and we've just scratched the surface in exploring more sustainable materials.

Imagine zero packaging waste to landfills

Thanks for being mindful about recycling! We want to help you make a bigger difference. Just think of the waste we could keep out of landfills by working together. Could we stop it all some day? We can get closer with the Tom's of Maine Natural Care Brigade®.

  • Partnering with recycle/upcycle pioneer TerraCycle®, our Natural Care Brigade® accepts any Tom's of Maine packaging and transforms it into new products
  • Even better, this program takes all personal care packaging from any brand. That includes toothpaste tubes, mouthwash bottles, deodorant/antiperspirant containers, plastic soap wrappers and more
  • Plus, volunteers who make our Natural Care Brigade® possible get "goodness points" to put toward charity gifts or redeem for cash

Recycling materials matter

You inspire us. Your ongoing commitment to recycling motivated us to push harder, be smarter and do better in terms of our packaging recyclability and recycled content.

  • The cartons we use for our toothpaste are 100% recycled paperboard (55% post-consumer), and can all be recycled again after use
  • We introduced a travel toothpaste in 2012 without a carton and in a self-merchandiser tray that resulted in 30% less packaging by weight than conventional packaging (carton for each tube). The tray was made of 100% recycled fibers (55% of which are post-consumer), fully recyclable after use

Brand Manager Fiona Russell talks about fully recyclable deodorant packaging through the Tom's of Maine Natural Care Brigade® with TerraCycle®

Putting packaging under the microscope

Packaging is part of our business so we think it's our responsibility to figure out ways to lighten the load on the planet. We formed a new packaging technical stewardship team to hold ourselves more accountable in making sure we're doing our best for you and the planet.

  • Stewardship team made up of experts from our manufacturing facility, engineers and marketing specialists
  • Focused on recyclability and sustainability of all current packaging and new packaging ideas
  • Using life-cycle analysis for every package that is reviewed
  • Passionate about putting together innovative ideas and bringing them to life

Customer and Shopper Marketing Leader Matt Smith explains how we're putting our heads together to do our best with packaging.

Biodegradable future

Is the future of smart packaging in potatoes? It could be. No kidding! The potato is Maine's biggest agricultural commodity that could unlock big possibilities. Research is in its initial stages, but wow — just imagine!

  • Potatoes offer starch that could be used to make bioplastic packaging that's also biodegradable
  • Tom's of Maine mouthwash bottles and deodorant canisters could be good candidates for potato-based packaging
  • Sourcing this kind of packaging from potatoes and only working with Maine suppliers would be our priorities

We'll need other industry sectors to jump on board to make it a reality. It may not be on shelves tomorrow, but maybe someday your favorite Tom's of Maine product will be wrapped in breakthrough potato packaging.

Manufacturing Facility Engineering Manager John Maravich explains why the right partners are a key to unlocking more sustainable packaging.

Progress snapshot

Converting all our products to sustainable packaging won't happen overnight. But with new technologies emerging, we're looking forward to what lies ahead. In 2015, 50% of Tom's packaging will be made up of virgin content. Our promise to you is to reduce that percentage each year with a goal of reaching 40% virgin content by 2020.

Packaging Goals Tracker

First slide

OUR GOAL: Reduction of virgin materials as a percentage of packaging weight. Progress in 2013 has already achieved original 2015 goal of 50%. A more ambitious goal for 2015 is now in the works.

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