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Our Commitment to Healthy, Human and Environmental Goodness

  1. Recycling matters

    Recycling materials matters to us

    Your commitment to recycling encourages our focus on maximizing packaging recyclability and recycled content. In 2011 Tom's of Maine took important steps to increase the percentage of recycled content in our packaging.

    • Across all products, recycled materials now account for 40% of the materials used in packaging including 32% "post consumer" material (collected and recycled after final consumer use)
    • The children's toothpastes your kids love are now available in stand-up tubes — no more folding cartons
    • Where folding cartons are needed, Tom’s uses only 100% recycled paperboard (55% of it post-consumer) that can be recycled again after use

    “Our deodorant and antiperspirant canisters are 100% recyclable through the Tom's of Maine nationwide recycling program with TerraCycle® or communities that have appropriate #5 plastic recycling facilities.”
    — Fiona Russell
    Tom's of Maine Brand Manager

  1. Biodegradable future

    Thinking big with biodegradables

    One of many exciting new technologies we're exploring is the use of potato starch in bioplastic packaging that's also biodegradable. That's right, potatoes! Scientists are learning that potatoes can be used to create PLA, a biodegradable plastic resin.

    • Tom's mouthwash bottles and deodorant canisters could be good candidates for the use of potato-based PLA initially
    • PLA would rely on GMO-free potatoes while keeping our supply chain local
  2. Smarter tubes

    Switching to smarter
    toothpaste tubes

    The ongoing search for better toothpaste packaging that still meets quality and regulatory standards led to a key change in 2011. We switched from aluminum tubes to a smarter choice: laminate.

    • Laminate is lighter, requires less energy to produce and involves fewer steps from sourcing to shipping than aluminum
    • Your feedback persuaded us to label our tubes as BPA-free and include the #7 recycling code
    • All Tom's toothpaste tubes are recyclable through the Tom's of Maine nationwide recycling program with TerraCycle® or through the few communities that have appropriate recycling facilities

    Thoughts you shared with us helped us move to lighter laminate toothpaste tubes.

  1. Progress snapshot

    Progress snapshot

    Converting all our products to sustainable packaging won't happen overnight. But with new technologies emerging, we're looking forward to what lies ahead. In 2015, 50% of Tom’s packaging will be made up of recycled content. Our promise to you is to grow that percentage each year with a goal of reaching 40% recycled content by 2020.

  2. Goals tracker

    Packaging goals tracker

    Our Goal: Reduction of virgin materials as a percentage of packaging weight

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