Tom's of Maine

Goodness Report



We are trying to make the most of all materials we touch. Our manufacturing team makes more than our products. They come up with some good ideas for how we can work better and waste less.

Striving to use every piece

We stick to waste principles — reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycle in all we do, including our work with our supply partners. For example, the process of packaging our deodorant revealed a new use for plastic waste.

  • After each canister is cut from a mold, scraps remain
  • Instead of throwing the scraps away, our supplier found a way to grind and reuse them to form the plastic elevators that push up our deodorant sticks
  • Every deodorant canister is recyclable from canister to cap as #5 plastic where facilities exist or through the Tom's of Maine Natural Care Brigade® with TerraCycle®

Zero Waste Means Never Being Satisfied

You constantly look for new ways to recycle. We do the same. At our manufacturing facility, we're proud to say we're ahead of target with our zero waste goal.

In 2013, we actually reached our 2015 waste-to-landfill goal early. In 2014, our employees found ideas for how we can reduce, reuse or recycle even more, helping us reduce our waste-to-landfills by another 70%.

We know you expect us to recycle the big things like boxes, plastics, metals and drums. But, no piece of waste is too small to focus on either so we're looking at how to recycle employee hairnets, gloves and earplugs. We're also searching for innovative materials that are more recyclable and environmentally friendly. Our focus is on the future, seeking every opportunity to reduce waste and recycle with a goal of 0kg waste per ton by 2020.

How will we achieve zero waste by 2020? By working with employees and innovative partners who re-imagine waste!

Getting more from materials

Mistakes can happen. Our production line jams. Sometimes a toothpaste tube isn't filled correctly to our standards. In the process of quality control, we do find waste. But we also find ways to make it useful.

  • Employees pick up recyclable waste that they come across on the manufacturing facility floor and dump it all in special bins for six different types of recyclable materials
  • An employee once asked, "Why don't we use the bags our mouthwash bottles arrive in as trash bags?" Great idea! So now we do.
  • Throwing away old bags that contained our ingredients would be easy. But we would rather compress them for recycling. Shrink wrap, too!

Manufacturing Facility Operations Manager Peter Duquette gives one example of how we go the extra mile to recycle.