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Our Commitment to Healthy, Human and Environmental Goodness

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Our Goodness Report zeroes in on six key areas of our business that matter to us, the communities we share and the planet we love. Each area is critical and connected to all of us. That's why deciding how exactly to divide our time, money and resources is a challenge.

As our work continues across all areas, we would like to know which one is closest to your heart and deserves particular attention. Please take a moment to make a choice below. The area that sparks the most interest will earn a special spotlight in our 2013 Goodness Report and a stronger push
toward progress.

What matters most to you?


Share a comment! If you have ideas for helping Tom's of Maine deliver goodness where it counts, please write us a note in the space below. We may not be able to respond to everyone but we promise to read every comment and keep them private.

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