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Thanks to all the teachers, students and schools for their innovative submissions. Special thanks to for making this competition possible.

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1st PLACE FOR $25,000

1602 VOTES

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mrs. Bradley

Cleveland Elementary School
Cleveland, NC

My students need to become environmental design engineers to enable them to become stewards of the planet with Hydroponic Tower Kits, AquaSprouts Garden, and Jump Start Grow Light Systems.

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2nd PLACE FOR $15,000


1530 VOTES

Improving Our Air Quality

Mrs. Taylor

Adams Elementary School
Wichita, KS

My students need an iPad with case and lens, markers, chart paper, Vaseline, magnifying glasses, and an air filter for a clean air project.

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3rd PLACE FOR $10,000


1320 VOTES

No Swimming Allowed... WHAAAT?!?

Mrs. Barr

Pinewood Elementary School
Jenison, MI

My students need a complete set of water quality testing parameter kits and the container to transport them in.

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4th–10th PLACE FOR $2,000


1095 VOTES

Less School Plastic in Landfills

Mrs. Jackson

Nauset Regional Middle School
Orleans, MA

My students need a Makerbot, a Ninja Blender, and cleanser to recycle school plastic into 3D printed, self watering planters.

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1076 VOTES

Micro Plastics: You Could Be Eating This Stuff!

Mr. Thomson

Ella White Elementary School
Alpena, MI

My students need plankton nets, filters, and totes to complete an environmental micro plastic research project.

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Eagles Care! A Dune Restoration Project!

Mr. Medearis

Buddy Taylor Middle School
Palm Coast, FL

My students need plant cloner systems, hydroponic systems and supplies to fulfill a 4H club student led beach dune restoration partnership with local city government.

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Cummings Green Team!

Ms. Berg

Cummings School
Memphis, TN

My students need a camcorder, digital light meters, electricity usage monitors, and digital infrared thermometer to enhance their experience as the school's green team.

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The Green Stallion Project

Mr. Smith

Polo Park Middle School
Wellington, FL

My students need plant sensors to monitor plant health, tablets to track garden data, energy usage, and recycling data, and a thermal imager to monitor energy efficiency.

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Green Our Room: Recycling and Upcycling!

Ms. Lemos

Ashford School
Ashford, CT

My students need a paper recycling kit, paper making kit, storage boxes, a paper beads kit, duct tape, a blender and crayon molds to learn about recycling and upcycling!

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Designing with Environmental Science in Mind

Ms. Home

Sequoia Middle School
Pleasant Hill, CA

My students need a solar oven, water filter straw, conducting tape, batteries, LEDs, soil sensors, fresnel lenses and books for environmental science engineering.

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April 11 - May 24

Teachers submit their projects through


Judges select 10 most innovative projects from around the country

July - October

Finalist projects are put to a public vote


Winners are announced

1st place: $25,0002nd place: $15,0003rd place: $10,0004th - 10th places: $2,000 each

Every project was automatically half funded by Tom's of Maine Green Your School Fund.