Sodium Hydroxide

What does it do?

The hydroxide portion of the compound when dissolved will react with acids to form water and therefore increase the pH by eliminating some of the acid. Some of our formulas have better efficacy when the pH is adjusted slightly.

What are the alternatives?

Most other hydroxides are insoluble and therefore unsuitable. There are other compounds that can increase pH in formulas but sodium hydroxide can be used at a very low concentration and be significantly effective. Some alternatives may not be food grade either.

What are the risks?

Sodium hydroxide is food grade and consists of sodium ions and hydroxide ions. Sodium hydroxide has been widely used in drinking water as a pH adjusting agent and is also used in food processing. It therefore has a long history of safe use in these applications.

What is it?

Sodium hydroxide is also known as caustic soda and is a combination of sodium ion and hydroxide ion. The hydroxide portion of the compound functions as a pH adjusting agent. Tom's uses sodium hydroxide to increase the pH of some of our formulas.

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