We asked women across the country to tell us why they switched to Tom's of Maine deodorants. Check out some of their stories. Then tell us yours.

Bev switched because of pregnancy

When Bev finally got pregnant, what she put in and on her body took on a new level of importance.

Elise switched for the ingredients

Elise's inspiration comes from the natural ingredients she cooks with. It made her think about the ingredients in her deodorant.

Yulie's skin allergies prompted her to switch

Yulie had a hard time finding a deodorant because of her skin allergies. Tom's of Maine changed everything - from how she felt to what she could wear.

Long Lasting Natural Deodorants

Our aluminum-free deodorants are made with no parabens or artificial fragrances and no animal ingredients or testing, ever. With 24-hour odor protection, they'll help keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

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