How Does Natural Deodorant Work?

By Laurie Fanelli in Natural Products

A natural deodorant is a good choice for individuals looking for odor protection without using products that contain artificial fragrances on their skin. Natural deodorants are specially designed to help you beat the heat using effective, naturally derived ingredients.

Much like traditional deodorants, the natural variety aims to neutralize odors and discourage bacteria from lingering on your body, helping you smell fresh and clean throughout your day. Brands that produce natural deodorants place an emphasis on using plant-based ingredients that are safe and effective. So, how does natural deodorant work?

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Antiperspirant vs. Deodorant

Antiperspirants and deodorants may live side-by-side in store aisles, but they work in very different ways. According to the Mayo Clinic, antiperspirants keep you from sweating by blocking your pores with aluminum-based compounds. Deodorants do not reduce sweat, but instead work to reduce or mask the scent associated with sweating. They can also make your skin less attractive to odor-causing bacteria.

Why use natural deodorant? Natural deodorants let the sensitive skin under your arms breathe with fragrances derived from plant-based ingredients. Learning more about the contents of your personal care products allows you to make more informed decisions when choosing the best items for you and your family.

Natural vs. Artificial Fragrances

Both natural and nonnatural deodorants are often scented, but not all fragrances are created the same way. Natural fragrances are derived from ingredients found in the Earth. They're often scented with essential oils sourced from lavender, citrus, or vanilla bean extracts.

Synthetic fragrances are often man-made and developed in a lab. Unscented or fragrance-free deodorant is also an option, but you will still want to check the ingredients list to see if any odor-masking substances were added.

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How Does Natural Deodorant Work without Artificial Fragrances?

Products made with synthetic fragrances may be less expensive, while those that use natural scents may be easier on sensitive skin.

 In fact, a study published in Contact Dermatitis found that deodorants were the leading cause of fragrance-based allergic skin rashes.

Natural deodorants can give you confidence for the day while taking care of your skin with naturally derived substances. For example, Tom's of Maine's Natural Strength Deodorant lets skin breathe with an exclusive blend of odor-neutralizing botanicals and no artificial fragrance. Additionally, some plant-based ingredients may have residual benefits for your skin, such as aloe vera, which has soothing properties.

Different deodorants work better for different lifestyles, so try out a new deodorant and see if it suits you. Whether you are training for a marathon, spending time outdoors volunteering with your family, working a full-time job, or doing all three in the same day, we all deserve a deodorant we can trust.

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Why It's Good

If you want to feel good about the products you use from your head to your toes to your armpits, natural deodorant may be a great option. Understanding how natural deodorants work without artificial fragrances allows you to be better informed the next time you're shopping in the personal care aisle.