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A note from our team

Dear Friends,

What do natural toothpaste, college students, railroads and ear plugs have in common? Well, all three are playing an important role in advancing Tom's of Maine's goals and core values of healthy, human and environmental goodness.

Let us explain.

Like many of you, we're intensely focused on reducing waste. We need to leave the planet in better shape than we found it for future generations, and it's going to take a group effort. At Tom's of Maine, our employees have found ideas for how we can reduce, reuse or recycle even more, helping us reduce our waste-to-landfills by another 70% in 2014 versus last year. Today, we have 21 recycling streams. Boxes get more than a second chance, sometimes even a ninth or tenth year of life, through Rebox. Earplugs and hairnets, used in our manufacturing facility in Maine, are next on our list because no piece of waste is too small to focus on.

Since its inception in 1970, Tom's of Maine has distributed 10% of its profit to non-profits chosen by our employees and consumers. In 2014, we were excited to support many organizations including one called Post Landfill Action Network, or PLAN. PLAN was started by a student at the University of New Hampshire named Alex Fried. Through Alex's ingenuity and hard work, the PLAN team is taking on a mission of zero waste on college campuses nationwide with a dedicated network of volunteers. As Alex likes to say, "waste is simply resources in the wrong place," and that inspires us to keep partnering with others to send less – or eventually nothing at all -- to landfills.

We're also making progress in taking truck miles off the road by tapping more into the nation's railroad system to bring product to you on the West Coast. We're even sharing truck space with other companies to maximize weight loads and minimize truck miles. You can learn more from Brian, our logistics manager, and how this approach fits with our core values.

Our new 2015 Goodness Report is packed with stories like these, of people committed to delivering the best natural products to you in a healthy, environmentally responsible way. We invite you to explore the stories and the latest data on our progress against our Goals Tracker. And we'd love to hear from you! Please join us on Twitter or Facebook.

Our best from Maine,
The Tom's of Maine team

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