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Zero packaging waste in landfills is a goal we're focused on reaching with your support. We're constantly exploring new ways to use more sustainable materials and to create packaging that can be incorporated into recycling streams. With the help of a new sustainable packaging engineer and increasing post-consumer recycled content in our packaging, we are working to take our less to landfills effort to the next level.

Imagine Zero Waste to Landfills

Your concern about the environment and our desire to find a better solution for certain kinds of waste led us to create the Tom's of Maine Natural Care Brigade® with TerraCycle® in 2012. Since then, passionate Brigade volunteers have been collecting and sending in toothpaste tubes and other packaging waste, which has made the Natural Care Brigade one of the fastest growing in the TerraCycle program.

In 2014, volunteers kept 11,000 pounds of personal care packaging out of landfills. In fact, volunteer participants in the Tom's of Maine Natural Care Brigade® have kept more than 295,000 pieces of waste out of landfill since 2012. Imagine the possibilities if we all work together – especially because the Natural Care Brigade accepts waste from all brands, not just Tom's of Maine. It's as easy as signing up, filling up a box and sending it back to TerraCycle for them to recycle waste into useful new items. It's a great project to get your neighbors, co-workers, school or community involved in and it'll give toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, deodorant canisters and mouthwash bottles a new life.

Learn more here and join us!

Better Tube, Same Great Toothpaste

We're always working to improve our packaging. At Tom's of Maine, we take our toothpaste tubes seriously and we know recycling them in some municipalities can be tricky. In 2014, we found a new solution that's both sustainable and functional - new laminate tubes with an inside aluminum barrier. Now you needn't struggle with dispensing the paste and these tubes leave less of a footprint on the environment.

Brand Manager Fiona Russell talks about fully recyclable deodorant packaging through the Tom's of Maine Natural Care Brigade® with TerraCycle®

Putting packaging under the microscope

Packaging is part of our business so we think it's our responsibility to figure out ways to lighten the load on the planet. We formed a new packaging technical stewardship team to hold ourselves more accountable in making sure we're doing our best for you and the planet.

  • Stewardship team made up of experts from our manufacturing facility, engineers and marketing specialists
  • Focused on recyclability and sustainability of all current packaging and new packaging ideas
  • Using life-cycle analysis for every package that is reviewed
  • Passionate about putting together innovative ideas and bringing them to life

Customer and Shopper Marketing Leader Matt Smith explains how we're putting our heads together to do our best with packaging.