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Help Save the Animals Children's Toothpaste


5.1 OZ

Activate your child’s inner eco-warrior with a natural kid’s toothpaste! Featuring the koala, this toothpaste helps introduce future generations to wildlife conservation and makes brushing fun. Tom's of Maine is proud to support World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  Since 2021 Tom’s of Maine has contributed $300,000 to support WWF’s efforts to safeguard species and their habitats.

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Help Save the Animals Children's Toothpaste

Fights Cavities

Tastes Great

Grape Flavor

Help Save the Animals Children's Toothpaste

No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

Help Save the Animals Children's Toothpaste

No animal ingredients

Help Save the Animals Children's Toothpaste

Not tested on animals


Learn about the naturally sourced and derived ingredients included in Tom’s of Maine Natural Personal Care Products.

Ingredient Purpose Source
Water Consistency Aquifer
Glycerin Moistener / Humectant Derived From Vegetable Oils
sorbitol Moistener / Humectant Derived From Corn (Zea Mays)
hydrated silica Cleaning / Polishing

Derived From Purified Silica From The Earth

propanediol Consistency Derived From Corn (Zea Mays)
xylitol Flavor Derived From Birch Trees or Corn
benzyl alcohol Natural Preservative Derived From Cassia Oil
sodium lauryl sulfate Dispersant / Foaming Agent

Derived From Coconut And/Or Palm Kernel Oil

xanthan gum Binder / Gum

Derived From Vegetable Matter Through Fermentation

natural flavor Flavor Blend Of Natural Flavors
carrageenan Binder / Gum Seaweed (Eucheuma sp.)
rebaudioside A Sweetener Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf / Stem