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Why Use Natural Toothpaste?

If you’re thinking about making the switch to natural toothpaste, you probably have some questions like: What is natural toothpaste? Is natural toothpaste a good choice for my family?

Tom’s of Maine Natural Toothpaste is best explained by what it’s not, namely artificial. We combine the best naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients — never artificial flavors, colors or preservatives — to give you a variety of products that safely and effectively clean teeth.

With oral care products for both kids and adults, Tom’s of Maine offers toothpaste products that help protect against cavities, whiten teeth and strengthen enamel, as well as SLS- and fluoride-free toothpastes.

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Tom’s of Maine natural toothpaste products are made from ingredients sourced and derived from nature. Best of all, Tom’s of Maine toothpaste contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and it’s never tested on animals. Learn more about our stewardship model and our commitment to natural ingredients.

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Gentle on the Environment

We believe you should be able to gently clean your teeth with toothpaste that’s also gentle on the environment. This means striving for zero waste every day with a toothpaste that can be composted from our production process. In addition to supporting sustainable growing and harvesting practices, we strive to reduce packaging waste and use recycled and renewable materials. We think clean teeth and a clean planet go hand in hand.

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You can feel confident that Tom’s of Maine toothpaste delivers the quality your family deserves. We’ve conducted sufficient research to show safety and efficacy of our products, and you can expect honesty in all claims for ingredients and packaging. But we don’t stop there. We also ensure all ingredients and materials are sourced from suppliers that respect human and labor rights.

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Explore Our Products

Caring for you and your family naturally is our passion — and we want that to come through with every Tom's product you enjoy.