How to Remove Permanent Hair Dye Naturally: 3 Methods

By Liz Thompson in Natural Products

If you color your hair, there may be times when you want to know how to remove permanent hair dye naturally. Maybe that color job didn't turn out quite as expected or you simply want to go back to your natural color. Here are three methods you can use to get rid of permanent dye using natural hair color remover.

How to Remove Permanent Hair Dye Naturally

1. Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda can be an effective way to remove permanent hair dye naturally because of its lightening properties. Try mixing baking soda with lemon juice, which is acidic, to create a paste. Then, work the paste through your hair, allow it to sit for five minutes, and rinse thoroughly.


2. Vitamin C Powder

Vitamin C is a beneficial ingredient that's often added to skin care products because of its brightening ability. Who knew it could also help to remove hair dye? Simply crush a few vitamin C tablets and add the powder to your shampoo. Apply it to your hair and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


3. White Vinegar and Water

Like lemon juice, vinegar is acidic and good for cleansing. Many people use vinegar as a scalp cleanser, but it can also remove hair dye, so use caution if that's not your intent. If it is, you can mix white vinegar with warm water and apply it to your hair to remove hair color. Allow it to sit for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse.

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Natural Hair Coloring Tips

The methods listed above should also work to remove natural hair color such as henna or vegetable hair dyes. Remember, you may have to repeat the removal process several times before you are back to your natural color. Getting regular trims will also help to get rid of unwanted color more quickly. Or, you can dye your hair back to its natural color using natural hair dye methods.

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Learning how to remove permanent hair dye naturally doesn't have to be tricky. Ingredients you likely have in your pantry are effective, affordable, and easy to use for permanent hair color removal.