We believe nature should be accessible to all people, but the reality is that for many, easy access to the outdoors is not within reach due to barriers such as physical access to outdoor spaces, transportation, time, and resources. Get Into Nature is Tom’s of Maine’s three-year, $3 million initiative launched in 2021, rooted in funding outdoor recreation to give young people from underrepresented communities access to fun and meaningful experiences in the outdoors. We’re collaborating with the National Recreation Foundation (NRF), an organization with expertise in making nature more accessible, equitable, and fun for all kids. With financial support from Tom’s, NRF supports many amazing youth-serving non-profits across the United States doing impactful work. We are proud that 80% of Get into Nature funding in 2022 went to Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) led organizations.

Exploring and experiencing nature is a crucial part of overall health and wellness, but it’s also much more. Nature is a way to build community and pass along traditions. Nature can also spark a lasting connection between children and the planet through education initiatives. Get Into Nature hopes to inspire more active, sustainable and healthy lifestyles.

Rosario Dawson

Tom’s of Maine launches Get Into Nature with activist and actress, Rosario Dawson to reinvigorate kids’ connection to the great outdoors – and build the next generation of environmental champions.


The National Recreation Foundation (NRF) is helping us navigate and reach the kids who need it the most. An effective and forward-thinking organization, NRF is dedicated to making nature available, equitable, and fun for all kids.


Grassroots community youth organizations get immediate funding and resources. We have supported programs like Black Outside, which provides outdoor experiences for young people of color in Texas. Its year-round program, the Charles Roundtree Bloom Project (Bloom Project), works with youth of color impacted by both climate change and the systemic consequences of incarceration through healing-centered outdoor experiences and culturally relevant education. With more than 477,000 youth in Texas experiencing the incarceration of a parent and climate change disproportionately affecting poor communities of color in Texas, the intersection of these two issues creates a critical opportunity for our support of this important organization.


Great! Thank you! All you have to do is go outside – whether it’s on a picnic or a hike, or bird watching or looking for bugs – and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to GET INTO NATURE! Trust us, this simple change will make a huge difference to them and to the planet.