3 Kids’ Sports-Inspired Exercise Routines for the Family That Trains Together

By Laurie Fanelli in Healthy Feeling

For families across the country, fall is all about kids’ sports. From soccer and football to cheerleading and volleyball, fall sports keep kids busy with training drills, practices, and games throughout the autumn months. Rather than saying goodbye to your busy children during this time, incorporate their fall sport activities into your own exercise routine.

You don’t have to go far, either. Nature preserves are ideal locations to get the family together for endurance training, and the backyard is the perfect place to do some “net”working with your loved ones. Even playing active video games as a family can help kids master the coordination and teamwork needed for certain sports.

Net GainsKids' sports, like volleyball, are a perfect oppurtunity to bond this fall

Many of the most popular fall sports involve a net, and local sporting goods stores sell easy-to-assemble versions for backyard practice. If your child is on the volleyball team, consider running drills with her to help with speed and accuracy. Strength and Power for Volleyball features creative ideas for volleyball drills, including a warm-up with only two players. Simply stand on one side of the net with your child on the other. Treat this drill like a tennis volley, with each player getting only one hit to return the ball to the other side. If the server successfully gets the other player to miss, they get a point. The first to five points wins! This drill is great for kids and adults alike because with only one player on each side of the court, you’ll find yourself getting a fantastic cardio workout as you chase the ball.

If your child is a tennis player, the backyard net can be lowered for serving practice. Set up targets, and take turns together hitting them to work on accuracy while your arms get conditioned for the season ahead.

Go the Distance

It’s all about endurance when it comes to fall kids’ sports like cross-country and soccer. There’s no better way to condition young athletes for the big game or an important meet than by logging some miles. Head out to a beautiful, peaceful location like a forest preserve or natural prairie. Join your kids on a long run for added support or ride your bike along as your child runs the path.

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Cheer Them OnCheer is a popular fall sport

What would football season be without the cheer team? Cheer routines can be complicated, but your child can get a jump-start by practicing with games like the Just Dance series. Not only is this a great way to get in the habit of mastering new moves quickly, but it’s also a fun technique for knocking out thirty minutes of aerobic activity. If you don’t have a gaming system, head over to YouTube for a variety of videos that will help your family get the same benefits.

Along with more organized drills, simply tossing a football around with your kids or heading to the park for a casual game of tennis will help them succeed in their fall sports while you burn calories with the ones you love.

The family that trains together stays together. How do you get involved with your kids’ sports? Let us know on Twitter!

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Why It’s Good

The fall sports season presents a great opportunity for you and your children to build strength, endurance, and familial bonds. Whether you're having fun with volleyball drills in the backyard or jogging in the forest preserve, family and fitness are a match made in (healthy) heaven.