4 Natural Remedies for Wounds and Scrapes

By Angela Tague in Healthy Feeling

Warmer days mean backyard play, trips to the park—and plenty of scrapes and bruises. Luckily you can find several natural remedies for wounds hiding in your kitchen pantry or garden. From minor scratches to bug bites, play Dr. Mom and help your youngster feel better with one of these healthy, simple remedies.

Before anything else, assess and clean the wound. If your child is bleeding profusely, apply compression and visit the nearest medical clinic as soon as possible. For scrapes with redness or tiny specks of blood, wash the skin to clear away dirt and lingering bacteria. Cool, clear water and a soft cloth should do the trick. If you have access to antibacterial soap, use that too. Then apply one of these soothing, natural remedies for wounds.

chamomile flowers

Pure Raw Honey

Evidence of people using honey as a healing ointment dates back as far as 2100 BC. This natural sweetener is a fabulous antibacterial that works to potentially control inflammation and prevent infection when administered topically to a clean wound. Apply a thin layer of raw honey, and then bandage the scrape.

Flowering Yarrow

If this common ground cover flower is growing nearby, pick some. Rub the blooms and leaves from yarrow together to create a mash that can be applied directly to a wound to help stop bleeding and heal broken skin. The secret to this medicinal flower is that it can possibly reduce inflammation and soothe your cut for some natural wound healing.


This popular herb is often used as tea. Moisten a chamomile tea bag, and press it onto the sore spot. The natural plant oils can speed the rate of healing by helping your skin regenerate fresh tissue. If you can moisten the tea bag with cold water, it can help numb the area temporarily to provide additional relief.

Aloe Vera

A dab of pure aloe from a fresh clipping of this common houseplant can be a great remedy for mild sunburns or for minor road rash from a spill off your bike. The thick liquid helps collagen form, which in turn can heal the skin and keep infections at bay.

Summertime may mean a few more bumps and bruises, but you’re ready to take charge with these natural wound-healing tips. Share your warm weather adventures by tweeting us a photo of your family enjoying the outdoors @TomsOfMaine!

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Whether you're away from home, or are trying to green your routine, choosing natural remedies for wounds makes sense. Become parent of the year by making your kids feel better with natural ingredients and reducing their exposure to unnecessary chemicals.