4 Partner Yoga Poses for Families

By Laurie Fanelli in Healthy Feeling

It's easy for families to fall into the habit of spending free time together looking at screens. Parents catch up on emails, kids play online games, and families sometimes engage in a little too much binge watching. It can be refreshing to get off the couch and get moving together!

Partner yoga is a great way to reconnect with your loved ones while simultaneously working out, unwinding, and prioritizing mindfulness. When you practice yoga for the entire family, you'll build self-esteem, self-awareness, and stronger relationships. Plus, family yoga can be done in the comfort of your own home! With no added travel time or gym expenses, partner yoga fits effortlessly into any household's busy schedule and budget.

1. Togetherness Tree Pose

Become a family of trees with this interactive move. Make it more fun by creating the sounds of wind as you breathe deeply.

Stand one foot apart from your yoga partner while facing the same direction. Bring your inside arms (the arms closest to each other) up over your heads and touch palms. Bend your outside legs and bring your heels to a comfortable spot on your individual inner thighs. Bring your outside arms together at chest level and touch hands. Hold for eight to ten breaths and repeat on the other side.

Tree Pose is perfect for partner yoga

2. We Are Warriors Pose

This move forces partners to rely on each other for balance, which builds trust and encourages togetherness.

Stand facing your partner with your hands on each other's shoulders. Walk backward until your chest and your partner's chest are facing the floor at 90-degree angles. Then, have each partner raise their right leg until it is parallel with the floor. Hold for eight to ten breaths and return to the starting position. Repeat the move with your left legs.

Warrior 3 Pose can be done with a partner

3. Starfish on a Rock

Personalize this move by changing "starfish" to your child's favorite animal.

The parent should start on all fours and slowly move their hips back toward their ankles to get into a child's pose. The child begins by sitting back-to-back to the parent, then slowly leans back until their entire body rests on the parent. Hold for eight to ten breaths.

4. Herd of Cats and Cows

The kids will have a blast making animal sounds during the cat-cow pose. Have them moo and meow as they transition between moves.

Line up side by side on your hands and knees. Lower your stomachs toward your mats (without touching them) and lift your chins and chests, looking up at the ceiling. Hold the cow pose for several breaths. Then, round your backs (like cats stretching) and allow your heads to drop down toward your chests. Hold the cat pose for several breaths. Repeat both moves eight to ten times.

It can be tempting to spend valuable family time lounging on the couch with your phone or laptop, but try using that time to work out with your loved ones. Partner yoga encourages families to work together to build muscle strength, rejuvenate relationships, and reach shared goals. On top of all that, family fitness is downright fun!

Looking for more opportunities to exercise with your loved ones? Try some family outdoor activities and family exercises to spread the joy of group fitness.

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Why It's Good

Practicing yoga with the entire family strengthens your and your loved ones' minds, bodies, and spirits. It's an easy, peaceful way to spend quality time together at home.