4 Tips for Adding Easy Workouts to Your Workday

By Ashley Ess in Healthy Feeling

You try your best to stay healthy by eating well and exercising regularly, but you may find a trip to the gym just doesn’t factor in after a long day at work. Add family obligations, and suddenly your fitness routine takes a backseat. Why not try adding some easy workouts throughout your workday? Whether you sit for some or all of the work day, adding simple activity throughout your day will help stave off health problems.

Check out these five easy fitness tips that get your body moving and your heart pumping while at work:

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Workout

There are times when you just need to sit. Fortunately, you can prevent stiffness and keep your body active at the same time. Neck, shoulder, wrist, and ankle rolls are easy workouts for the joints and help release tension in seated positions. Stretching is also simple to do in a chair. Try stretching your calves by flexing and pointing your feet upward for twenty seconds—you should feel it right away. Stretch your chest and back by interlocking your fingers behind you while pulling your shoulders back.

To help maintain healthy circulation while at your desk, consider bringing exercise tools to work. Resistance bands and small hand weights are great to use in between meetings or while reading long documents on your computer. For more easy fitness tips, check out these chair exercises from Shape that can be done anytime.

Take Advantage of Downtime

If you have moments throughout your workday to check social media or simply take some brief downtime, try making room for things like stretching or some quick squats.

To maximize your physical activity, try planning moments throughout your workday to add these easy workouts:

  • Set the alarm on your smartphone to stand up and do ten jumping jacks.
  • At the top of each hour, walk a brief lap around the office—it’s also good for eyes that look at a screen all day.
  • While on the phone, stand up. You may even use a headset for longer calls.
  • Keep a small cup of water on your desk that needs to be refilled throughout the day. Those walks to the water cooler add up nicely!
  • Arrive to work early so you can walk around the block first.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Set computer reminders to do some of the stretching routines described above.

Yoga is wonderful to incorporate while at work, as it’s more than just good exercise. Historically, yoga is a philosophy that melds body, mind, and spirit, but even simply adding yoga postures with breathing techniques during downtime will get your body moving. Plus, it can relieve stress and bring more mindfulness into your day.

Pedal Your Way Toward Productivity

If you can’t avoid remaining at your desk for most of your day, there’s good news. Products like exercise ball chairs, pedal exercisers, desk treadmills, and standing desks all bring the gym to your workplace. Many pedal exercisers can fit under your desk as well, and they’re a great option to keep your legs moving while your fingers move across the keyboard. Using an exercise ball as an office chair not only gives you proper stability, but there are a bunch of ways to work out while sitting on them.

Add Good, Old-Fashioned Aerobics

There’s no need to spend your entire lunch hour exercising when you can reap the benefits of easy workouts throughout the day. Plus, research emphasizes the need for an actual break during your lunch break to fend off added stress. Mindful eating, napping, and short aerobic exercises are great ways to spend your lunchtime while keeping both your brain and body healthy.

For that last part, take advantage of climbing the stairs as a quick workout. Spend five minutes taking a brisk walk around the office or outdoors after eating, or try implementing this 7-Minute Workout to get your aerobic fix in. Little bursts of exercise at lunchtime can still make a big difference.

With options like these, you’re bound to get an amazing workout as you advance your career. What are your favorite ways to stay fit while at work? Let us know on Twitter.

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Adding easy workouts throughout your workday can be enjoyable and rewarding. When a visit to the gym simply won't fit into your schedule, feel good knowing there are ways to combat the sedentary blues while at work. With just a little planning, you can get your body moving and your heart pumping on the job with ease.