5 Meatless Skewer Recipes for Your Family

By Maureen Wise in Healthy Feeling

Forget about the oven heating up the house! Summer is a time for quick food prep. Consider centering your meals around a few skewer recipes to make the cooking fast and the cleanup easy. Plus, your kids can safely help with the prep by stringing your ingredients onto each stick.

Fancy Breakfast Kabobs

For a fun, fancy breakfast, try out this Nutella mini pancake kabob recipe that Daring Gourmet made for Tablespoon. Whip up some vegan pancakes, lather with Nutella, and skewer them along with bananas and strawberries for a beautiful and yummy breakfast. This is a treat that’s perfect for kids and guests alike. You can mix it up with your favorite nut butter, waffles, or other berries too. Even some roasted breakfast potatoes could add savory goodness to this sweet concoction.

Breakfast Skewer

Yummy Appetizer Skewers

Check out Peace Love and Low Carb’s antipasto kabob recipe. To make it vegetarian, you’ll want to remove the salami or replace with tofu. Just the thought of olives, peppers, baby tomatoes, and marinated artichoke hearts altogether will make your mouth water. This one is all about the presentation. Sure, you could arrange them on a plate as a traditional salad, but then you’d have to wash the plate and carry it around at a party. Make it easier for yourself (and the planet) by letting all the waste become the compostable wooden stick or a reusable metal skewer. You can easily go vegan without the cheese, too. I’d personally add a great variety of olives—marinated and stuffed, please!

Lunch Skewer Recipes

Grill up these pesto vinaigrette veggie skewers from Ezra Pound Cake for a quick weekend lunch. The young members of your family will be amazed at the new flavors that appear when you grill a vegetable. You can pretty much use any veggies you have on hand, and be sure to double the batch for leftovers. Then just throw them into a salad or in some crusty bread for a delightful sandwich. For an extra kick, add some feta cheese.

Dinner Kabob Recipes

With tofu and potatoes, this veggie kabob recipe from Food Network is a more filling option for sure. Add the pineapple, a delicious from-scratch marinade, and some veggies. Now you’ve got something tasty. This recipe asks you to marinade all the goodies together for a few hours to really get the juices incorporated. This is where your kids can come in and help you soak the veggies in flavor. You can add some cheese blocks or change up your marinade to a teriyaki or peanut sauce for a new taste sensation.

Dessert Skewer

This deconstructed strawberry s’more recipe with made-from-scratch graham cracker cake from Go Bake Yourself can’t get much better. Toast your marshmallows over the fire or over a cook top, as this baker did. Add some pink marshmallows for flare or go traditional with the white variety. Just like regular s’mores, you can customize these skewers with candy bars, various fruit, or even dips of ice cream for a sweet late-summer treat.

Have you ever made your own marshmallows? To do so, try this recipe from Wellness Mama for an exciting activity for your littles.

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Image Source: Wikimedia |Tablespoon

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Why It’s Good

Vegetarian, low-energy, and low-heat recipes will save you time and green house gas emissions this summer. Try these fun and yummy skewer recipes for all your dining needs, whether you need a dessert or a dinner entree. Plus, your kids can get involved in the process, getting them excited to cook and eat their vegetables.