5 Zen Office Decor Ideas to Make a Calming Workspace

By Ashley Ess in Healthy Feeling

Whether you have a cubicle, a desk, or a work-from-home office setup, creating an inviting, peaceful workspace can help you feel more productive and relaxed during the workday. Adding Zen office decor to your desk and office setup can really bring a sense of calm to a hectic day.

As an ancient transformative Buddhist practice, Zen takes a nondogmatic approach to realizing the joy of simply being, according to the Zen Studies Society. In other contexts, we often use "Zen" when we refer to a state of peace and harmony. Zen shows us a clear path to acceptance of the present moment, in all aspects of life, including during a busy day at work.

Keep those creative and productive juices flowing by creating an inspiring office environment conducive to being present, peaceful, and calm.

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5 Ideas for Creating a Zen Office Space

You might be surprised by how good you feel after creating a work environment that features calming elements. Transform your workspace to a stress-relieving sanctuary with these harmony-boosting, Zen office decor ideas:

1. Designate a Quiet Space for Your Office Sanctuary

An inviting workspace is a productive workspace. Find a spot that promotes a sense of refuge. If you have a home office or dedicated private office, find as quiet a space as possible. If you have a cubicle or your desk is in a high-traffic area, you can still create your own refuge by using sound. White noise, nature sounds, or even a mini water fountain can bring a sense of tranquility and make the space more your own.

2. Choose an Inspiring Paint Color

If you have the ability to paint the walls near or around your office space, consider a calming green. According to a study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the color green can facilitate creativity and creative performance.

3. Create an Inspiration Wall

No matter the size of your workspace, a little creative motivation can go a long way. Select a wall or section to hang or post inspirational messaging such as quotes, images, and sayings. Choose pieces that exude calm and reverence, as well as items that have personal meaning to you. Style your inspiration wall in a way that induces joy. You can purchase framed art, frame your favorite printed mantras, or even create a vision board. An office vision (or inspiration) board can consist of beautiful pictures and words, cut out from magazines or from your own prints and pasted on any size cardboard or poster board.

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4. Green Up

Indoor plants are not only great for decorating—they also add a little nature to the workspace, and we all know how important nature is! According to the American Chemical Society, certain houseplants can also improve indoor air quality, which might help you prevent "sick building syndrome" that many office environments are blamed for producing. Plants that clean the air and produce oxygen, such as spider plants and chrysanthemums, can add to a serene office space. Succulents are also quite beautiful and easy to care for.

5. Arrange Tranquil Desk Decor

Before decorating your desk, be sure to declutter it. Remove anything that is not completely necessary, and then only add elements and items that bring you joy. Such items might include a mini zen garden, DIY aromatherapy candles or sachets, natural elements such as shells, flowers, and stones, and maybe even a mini massager for de-stressing. For all other necessary desk items, organize or hide them by using containers or jars, or simply put them in a drawer.

For more ideas for transforming your personal spaces, check out the DIY Naturally board from @tomsofmaine on Pinterest!

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Prioritizing your mental well-being at work and improving your working space can boost your creativity and productivity while promoting a calm environment.