6 Muffin Tin Recipes for Families On-the-Go

By Angela Tague in Healthy Feeling

They're portable, promote portion control, and easy for little kids to handle. Hello, muffin tin recipes! If you haven't heard, you can make everything from snacks to full meals in small, convenient shapes with the help of muffin tins.

Muffin Tins: Not Just for Breakfast

In the past, I ventured into this type of cooking to make breakfast prep faster. In addition to blueberry and pumpkin muffins, I've made mini quiches and oatmeal bowls in muffin tins that are perfect to grab and go on busy mornings.

Whether you use a classic twelve-hole muffin tin, a mini muffin pan, or novelty-shaped muffin cups, you're sure to find a use for these bite-size foods. They make great appetizers for a party, road-trip meals for children, wedding or baby shower brunch bites, or just nibbles to have on hand for easy snacking.

blueberry pancake muffins

Tasty Cupfuls

Let's get cooking! You really can cook every part of your meal in a muffin tin and I've collected a few vegan recipes for inspiration.

  1. Pancake Puffs: If eating in the car on the way to the school drop off lane is a regular thing in your family, add this portable pancake recipe from VeganFling to your Sunday food prep. You can flavor them individually with fresh fruit, jams, chocolate chips, cinnamon, or even vegan sausage to please everyone's tastes.
  2. Baked Falafel Muffins: Forego your usual sweet muffin routine and try this savory chickpea and sweet potato muffin from The Big Man's World. It's perfect for an afternoon snack and naturally gluten-free.
  3. Vegan Meatloaf Cupcakes: Beans and diced vegetables including mushrooms, carrots, and zucchini form the base for these protein-packed muffins from Chocolate Covered Katie. This recipe can easily be made gluten-free by choosing oat bran or a gluten-free flour for the thickener.
  4. Muffin Tin Sushi Cups: Despite the name, there's no raw fish in this creation from Rhian's Recipes. The vegan, gluten-free rice bowls are filled with savory edamame paste, avocado, carrots, and sweet red peppers. Don't forget the wasabi!
  5. Simple Vegan Brownies: Bite-size dessert, anyone? This chocolate treat from Minimalist Baker goes from common pantry staples to decadent treat in 30 minutes. (Hint: Make these in mini muffin tins to avoid overindulging.)
  6. Raw Almond Butter Cups: Leave the oven off and grab the blender. Oh She Glows shares this nutty, protein-rich, versatile snack-turned breakfast or dessert that sets up in the freezer, making these sweet chocolate-almond cups the perfect treat for a warm summer day.

Are you ready to downsize your meals? Get in the kitchen and be creative. You can probably transform some of your favorite quick breads and casseroles into muffin tin recipes too! We'd love to see what you're cooking up. Post a picture to Instagram using the hashtag #GoodMatters so we can see your muffin tin meals and snacks.

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Why It’s Good

Putting a creative spin on a favorite food can make it more convenient, portable, and portion controlled. Plus, when kids see a new shape, they get curious and are more apt to nibble. What are you waiting for? Get in the kitchen and give your muffin tin a workout!