Add These Vegan Pie Recipes to Your Spring Baking List

By Angela Tague in Healthy Feeling

Dear dense winter cakes and rich holiday bars: you were decadent. Now, it's time to lighten up! I'm searching for a vegan pie with tender, flaky crust that accentuates fresh spring lemons and blueberries. The goal? No lard or butter on the recipe ingredient list. After a little searching, I've discovered the secret to many vegan pie recipes might be a coconut oil crust.

How to Make Coconut Oil Pie Crust

At room temperature, creamy, white coconut oil has a similar consistency to softened lard or butter. It has a neutral flavor and is plant-based, but is still moderately high in fat. The American Heart Association recommends enjoying coconut oil in moderation, so portion control is key when indulging in these desserts.

Here are two vegan pie crust recipes featuring coconut oil that you can try while you're spending time in the kitchen this spring.

  • Dana from the Minimalist Baker shares a simple four-ingredient pie crust recipe for a standard 9-inch round pie or a pile of muffin-tin-sized mini treats.
  • Oh, Ladycakes created a sturdy, whole-grain, coconut oil-based pie crust featuring whole wheat and spelt flour.

Or, save time and pick up a vegan pie crust at your favorite grocer. I've found several gluten-free, vegan pie crust mixes (that only need water added) and pre-formed crusts in the frozen foods section of my local supermarket. I love these options when I want to whip up a homemade pie for a weeknight after-dinner surprise.

Angela with homemade pie

4 Healthy Pie Recipes for Spring

As you browse dessert ideas, consider recipes featuring fruit or sweet potato fillings rather than custard or pudding options if you're looking to shave a few calories.

  1. Vegan lemon meringue pie: Refreshing citrus flavors pair well with warmer spring days. This lemon dessert from Namely Marly uses creamy silken tofu to create an indulgent texture.
  2. Vegan apple pie: Martha Stewart shares her take on an American classic. This recipe features 3 pounds of assorted apple varieties seasoned with sweet cinnamon and sugar.
  3. Chai spiced vegan sweet potato pie: Connoisseurus Veg uses a blend of five seasonings, maple syrup, and coconut milk to turn sweet potatoes into a flavorful pie filling.
  4. Vegan strawberry pie: Project Pastry Love jazzes up fresh garden strawberries with vanilla bean paste and a splash of whiskey in this simple pie recipe.

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Why It’s Good

Have your pie and stay vegan too! Dig out the aprons and mixing bowls so the kids can help you turn flour, coconut oil, and fresh fruits into a homemade pie that satisfies a sweet tooth and dietary needs. Baking is a wonderful way to bond with family and create something for everyone to enjoy!