DIY Yoga Sanctuary for Your Home

By Sher Warkentin in Healthy Feeling

Finding the time and space for a little peace and quiet isn't exactly an easy feat in this fast-paced, always-connected world, especially when you have kids in the mix. However, squeezing time in to care for yourself is not only important to your health. When you feel rested and rejuvenated, it makes for better relationships with your family, as well. Carving out a spot in your home for a yoga sanctuary or meditation room ensures that you always have a space of your own to retreat to, even if it's only for five minutes.

Scented candles can make your space cozy and create a focus point.

Find the Right Spot

Unless you are lucky enough to have an entire spare room that you can use all to yourself, then you're probably going to have to get a little creative when it comes to finding a space for your relaxation area. Whether it's a shared space with a home office or guest room, or even just a nook in your bedroom, pick an area that isn't high traffic so that you won't be interrupted. Make sure you have enough flat, open space to safely perform your favorite yoga poses.

Regardless of how small or big your sanctuary area is, it's essential to keep it neat and clutter-free. Clear out any items that you don't need and that might be a distraction when you're trying to focus on relaxation. Lighting is another element to consider. If you only have a ceiling light, you should add a floor or table lamp that can dimmed. If you don't mind taking on a bigger project, you might also consider repainting the room to a calming color.

Store your gear in an easy-access bin.

Accessorize Your Space

Once you've found the right spot, it's time to dress it up. Meditating while staring at a computer desk or laundry pile isn't exactly relaxing, so you'll want to add some touches to help make your space more cozy. A scented candle or oil diffuser can go a long way to making even a small, basic space more inviting. If you plan to meditate, you should also consider adding something as a focus point. This can also be a decorative candle, a plant, a flower in a vase, or any item that brings you joy or peace.

A yoga mat is, of course, essential in a yoga sanctuary, but if you're tight on space you don't need to have it laid out permanently. Just make sure it is close by and easy to grab. If you use any pose accessories, like bands or blocks, you might consider placing them all in a stylish basket that lets you pull things out and stash them away again quickly.

Make Use of It

I distinctly remember the day my husband and I decided to buy an exercise bike to use at home. We were both very excited about the idea of getting a workout without having to go to the gym, But by the time we had our first baby, the only thing the bike was being used as was a clothes rack. Just creating your yoga sanctuary isn't enough. You also have to make use of it, which isn't always easy. Start out by pencilling in just a few minutes a day for restorative time in your relaxation space. Once you have a routine, you can build from there.

When you have kids at home, it can seem like there's never a moment that is actually quiet (unless they are sleeping). If this is a problem at your house like it is at mine, try setting your alarm clock just fifteen minutes earlier every day to get up and meditate or stretch before the rest of the house wakes up. That short time will be enough to make a difference without sacrificing too much sleep. Another idea is to trade off with your partner: have them take the kids outside to play for fifteen minutes before bathtime while you get some private time in exchange for sharing your sanctuary.

No matter what size your space is or how much time you actually get to spend in it, the important part is taking a moment to care for yourself. It can feel difficult to take time away from your family or household responsibilities, but the truth is that taking time to care for your own well-being can help you be your best self.

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Why It’s Good

Creating a space to use as a yoga sanctuary can help ensure that you always have a spot when you need a retreat. Having a place where you can regularly unwind and meditate can help you feel refreshed and ready to tackle your day.