Find Balance in Life: The Importance of Self-Love, Part 3

By Angela Tague in Healthy Feeling

Making time for self-care can feel awkward or even selfish. But you are responsible for you. If you don't take care of your well-being, nobody else will.

In Part 1 of this self-love series, we explored acceptance both for ourselves and the situations we encounter. In Part 2 we worked on ways to become more mindful and in tune with ourselves to promote the healing process.

In this final segment, I'm exploring how to find balance in life. Even when we accept the challenges in front of us and put practices in place to care for ourselves, it can be tough to stick with the process. Busy days and new problems pop up, derailing us from our self-love routine.

As I've been working through this series, I myself have been steered off course. Winter storms have made it impossible to get to yoga classes, extra projects on my calendar mean less time for hobbies, and health challenges always seem to throw a curve ball when it's least expected.

If you've been trying to focus on self-care and find yourself not sticking with it, you're not alone. That's why being kind to yourself as you seek balance is important. Some days you will be mindful and find joy in the little moments, and other days you're going to feel frustrated that the day whooshed past and you didn't accomplish much. And, that's OK. That's balance.

Remember Your "Why"

On the days you're struggling, revisit the first part of this process and tell yourself why self-love and acceptance of your current situation is so important. You're worth every bit of effort it takes to find happiness.

Think of the things that make you smile—your family, pets, career, best friend, hobbies, home—and remember that if you don't take care of yourself, you can't have strong, healthy connections to the people and pursuits you love.

Keep your "Why" in mind each day. Then focus on a short mantra to mentally repeat in your head throughout the day to help keep you moving in the right direction. I am strong. Stay focused. Let it go. Start again. These little pep talks can work wonders.

Angela in a half lotus pose

Keep It Easy, Use an App

As you seek balance, trying to juggle it all can be difficult. I know. Thankfully, making time for yourself can happen in short two-minute spurts and come with electronic notifications and reminders. We all have an extra few minutes tucked between the day's tasks, such as eating lunch, commuting to work, showering, or as you relax and fall asleep.

I recently downloaded an app that prompts you to take time each day to let go of anxiety, stress, pain, anger, and regret with breathing and guided meditation exercises. The app also sends me "mindful moments," short paragraphs of encouraging words, throughout the day to help me keep my perspective.

Read Inspirational Books

Do you love to read? Maybe it's time to switch up the genre and read a few pages of ideas that promote self-love. Indulge in positive thoughts by looking to a spiritual source that has meaning for you. Some of my friends read from spiritual texts, while others look to the Buddhist wisdom of the Tao Te Ching.

When I was in college, I studied abroad in Australia and became fascinated by indigenous legends of the Aboriginal Dreamtime. Because of that experience, I often turn to nature-based readings that give praise to Mother Nature for her healing ways. Pick what makes sense in your heart and stick with it.

Whether it's two minutes with the help of an app or two hours in a restorative yoga class, make time for yourself daily. Repetition is key when you're focused on wellness and self-healing. And if you skip a day or two, that's fine. Just get back on track as soon as you can.

I would love to hear how you find balance in life. Tweet me, @AngelaTague, and @TomsofMaine a photo or a few words about your self-care process. Your love for yourself might just inspire another person to do the same. Be well!

Image source: Angela Tague

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Why It’s Good

Self-love comes from within. When we take the time to slow down and relish in the little moments of happiness each day we become lighter, less anxious, and more lovable. This positive energy radiates from us, making everyday tasks more manageable.