Hearty Soup Ideas for Cold Winter Days

By Angela Tague in Healthy Feeling

Steamy bowls of soup melt winter chills. For the past few weeks I've been chopping and tossing vegetables into the soup pot instead of the salad bowl. You too can skip store-bought soups and whip up a few of these hearty soup ideas for warm vegetarian bliss.

yucca and leek soup

My Go-To Unofficial Soup Formula

My husband laughs every time I whip up a fabulous dinner with whatever is lingering in the refrigerator and pantry. He jokes that I'd better enjoy it, because I'll never be able to make it exactly the same way again. (Note to self: start writing more impromptu recipes down!)

This is very true when it comes to soup: it's the perfect throw-together meal based on what's on sale at the store, abundant in the garden, or getting a little wilted in the crisper drawer.

I usually start with a pre-packaged vegetable broth (powder or liquid) to keep things easy. Then, I add a starch like rice, noodles, or potatoes for the comfort factor. Next comes protein. Since I'm a vegetarian, I opt for hearty chickpeas, lentils, peas, quinoa, edamame, or beans. Finally, I top the pot off with a mix of chopped vegetables including leafy greens like kale, parsley, or spinach. They wilt down perfectly in soup.

If you're a little nervous about the toss-together method, dig into tried-and-true recipes to ensure dinner success.

chickpea and vegetable soup

Simple Vegetarian Winter Soups to Try

It's no secret that I'm a fangirl of Chocolate Covered Katie and her healthy desserts. Recently, she made the leap into sharing recipes for meals, too! To say that I was excited is an understatement. Browse these:

  • No-chicken noodle get-well comfort soup. If you love mushrooms and feel a little sniffle coming on, this is the soup to try. This Japanese-style recipe features miso and garlic to wake up your taste buds.

  • Butternut squash soup. Creamy, decadent, squash-based soups can be enjoyed long after the holidays. This vegan recipe can also be made with sweet potatoes if you're not a squash fan, and is made more robust with the addition of some chopped vegetables and spices.

squash soup

I've recently discovered a singing chef who focuses on healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes made with common ingredients. Laura Theodore is also known as the Jazzy Vegetarian, and she often takes over my weekend TV time these days. Here are a few of her soup recipes:

  • Winter warming soup. This hearty recipe features white beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, green beans, mushrooms, onions, and more! It's the "everything" vegetable soup you've been looking for during this cold weather.

Have you been craving creamy, steamy bowls too? I'd love to hear about your hearty soup ideas over on Twitter. Tweet a picture of your latest inspiration using the hashtag #GoodMatters.

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Why It’s Good

If you're a little rusty in the kitchen, tackling a soup recipe is the perfect place to polish your culinary skills. You really can't mess it up! Let the kids wash the vegetables, you chop, and then they measure! As a team you can create hearty homemade meals and warm memories on these cold winter evenings.