Homemade Herbal Tea Recipe: Ginger-Chamomile Tea

By Angela Tague in Healthy Feeling

A few years ago my dogs—with a little help from my husband—surprised me with a beautiful glass teapot for Mother's Day. My afternoon indulgence always includes a cup of hot, homemade herbal tea. The clear vessel makes it fun to watch what's bubbling and brewing during my break.

Chamomile-ginger is a great blend. Chamomile flowers are a source of calm and relaxation, which help me de-stress when deadlines and work goals pile up. Chamomile also works well as a pre-bedtime drink, helping to bring about a good night's rest. Ginger adds a spicy, deep flavor to the tea.

Preparing Ginger

Choose a piece of fresh, whole ginger root with long, slender shoots. Cut a 1½-inch long piece with a diameter similar to a nickel. After washing the root piece, use a paring knife to carefully peel back the rough, woody outer layer. Then slice the peeled root into small disks ¼-inch long. If you like a very strong tea, use four or five disks; for a mild flavor, use two.

Ginger root on cutting board with sliced discs

Choosing Chamomile

Dried chamomile flowers tend to give a more full-bodied flavor than processed chamomile leaves in tea sachets. You can find whole, dried chamomile flowers at farmers' markets, specialty tea shops, or in the natural foods aisle at a well-stocked grocery store.

Making Homemade Herbal Tea

Place the ginger disks in the bottom of a small teapot and fill it with cold water. A teapot that holds approximately four cups of water will yield two large mugs of tea. Place three whole dried chamomile flowers into the teapot.

Cover the pot and turn the heat up to medium-high. Once the water begins to boil gently, the chamomile and ginger will infuse the water. Let the tea simmer for five minutes to make a flavorful, homemade herbal tea. Turn off the heat and let the tea steep for another few minutes.

If you're craving something sweet, drink this tea with a spoonful of local honey or agave syrup. New ginger tea drinkers may find the spiciness overwhelming. Adding a natural sweetener makes the tea less robust and more enjoyable.

Person putting honey in tea

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Why It's Good

Homemade herbal tea is a relaxing beverage to help you warm up during an afternoon break or before bed. With this easy recipe, you'll be able to enjoy the calming benefits of chamomile and the settling effects of ginger anytime you need them.