How Micro Habits Can Change Your Life

By Mali Anderson in Healthy Feeling

Dreaming big is important, but often, big goals start with small steps. Bite-size, low-time-commitment habits can help you gradually achieve your goals in doable steps. Just a few minutes a day can lay the foundation you need to make your big dreams come true.

What Are Micro Habits?

Micro habits are tiny, everyday habits that steer you toward big results. Because they are small and not time-consuming, they are easy to incorporate into your life. If you've ever made New Year's resolutions, you know how hard they can be to see through. But mini habits aren't daunting—rather, they're quick wins to keep you motivated.

Here are a few ways small shifts lead to lasting change:

  • Tiny life changes make it easier to implement new, productive habits.
  • Micro habits can help to break bad habits.
  • The adjustments feel natural over time and eventually become a normal part of your routine.

If you are ready to improve your life, here are a handful of micro habits to try, whether your goals are to get out of debt, get fit, or get creative.

Mini Habit Ideas to Try Today

  • Audit your closet. Shopping temptations are everywhere, but simply choosing to use what you have can help your wallet in the long run. For example, before indulging in a new pair of jeans, go through your closet to see if there is another option you forgot about or a favorite item that simply needs a small repair. You can even audit one closet item a week if you like, such as jeans, dresses, shirts, etc. Take the week to go through what you have and see what still fits, what needs to be mended, and what can be passed on to a friend or donated. Eventually, you'll feel like you have more options once you pull out those hidden gems and prune out those unused and unwanted pieces that are cluttering your closet.

Needle and thread with jeans.

  • Check your bank account. When you get in the habit of checking your bank account each day, you notice where your money is going and what adjustments you could make to reach your financial goals. You might even notice monthly fees you forgot about—like when you sign up for a free trial and then forget to cancel before the monthly billing starts—or how much your trips to the coffee shop add up.
  • Floss. If you aren't already flossing your teeth, it's time to make it part of your daily routine. According to the Mayo Clinic, flossing is important because a toothbrush isn't able to reach the bacteria in the tight spaces between your teeth and under your gums. This only takes roughly a minute or two each day, but it provides serious benefits for your dental health. If you've avoided flossing because you're not crazy about the product you use, consider trying Tom's of Maine Antiplaque Floss, which has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  • Try a new vegetable. Add another vegetable serving to your lunch or dinner plate each day to up your plant intake. From parsnips to okra, there are plenty of veggies that don't get top billing very often. Or, stick to the basics with a handful of spinach or grated carrots. Whether you opt for your favorite veggies every day or try new ones, the important part is that you'll be making an easy, healthy choice.

Colorful vegetables.

  • Read. Reading is a path to emotional and psychological growth. Plus, it's fun! Every book is a chance to learn something new. If you haven't been reading lately, start small. Commit to reading one or two pages of a book each day. If books don't appeal to you, try listening to a portion of an audiobook each day, or sign up for a quick, daily motivational email to read each morning, such as The Daily Positive.
  • Eliminate negative self-talk. Too often, thoughts bubble up that have us criticizing ourselves. When you find negative self talk floating into your mind, either distract yourself with an activity or change the thought to a positive one. For example, remind yourself of one positive thing each day—such as the positive micro habits you are implementing in your life! Focus on progress and growth, not perfection.

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Why It's Good

Micro habits are easy, small changes that lead to big shifts in your health, finances, and personal growth. Get started on these productive habits today and notice how they keep you motivated over time.