How to Stay Active with a Busy Summer Schedule

By Ashley Ess in Healthy Feeling

It’s not always easy to figure out how to stay active and fit. Add to that a busy schedule filled with work, kids’ activities, and social commitments, and before you know it there’s no time left for you. With summer here and the kids out of school, juggling everyday tasks while sacrificing your own fitness needs may be commonplace—but it doesn’t have to be. Fulfilling your need for daily physical activity is imperative and simpler than you might think.

As a mother, you’re constantly on the move, taking care of your family’s needs without question, all while managing life’s typical responsibilities like work and errands. Unfortunately, in the midst of all this “doing,” we often forget to nurture ourselves. Self-care is just as vital as caring for your family. This could include mindfulness exercises, a breathing regimen, or practicing simple yoga poses throughout a jam-packed summer day.

The big question, then, is how are you going to take care of yourself when you’re so busy tending to everyone else’s needs first? If you want to learn how to stay active on days that you have to skip your morning jog or fitness class, there are ways to incorporate fulfilling “me time” that boosts both your heart rate and self-care needs. Here are three examples of how to stay active while on the go.

On-The-Go Workout Routines

When soccer games, ballet classes, and play dates overlap with your personal exercise schedule, you may want to consider getting creative with your physical activity routine. There’s a lot of portable exercise equipment on the market that can be stored right in your trunk without compromising space. Items like resistance bands and mini weights are great to use while sitting in the parking lot or on a bench while waiting for the kids. Bring your yoga mat and stretch in the shade, or a jump rope for a great workout that can get your heart pumping in no time. Don’t have any fitness equipment nearby? Do chair or bench dips or power walk around the park, or try push-ups on your steering wheel while you wait for camp to end.

A Family Fitness Affair

mom daughter swimming

Spending time with family on vacation doesn’t have to mean a vacation from your fitness goals; it simply means you may have to think outside the box with your workout plan. Incorporating the whole family into your modified summer exercise regimen is a fun and satisfying way to keep fit while having a blast. Initiate a game of tag, rent bicycles at the beach, start a relay race, or play a simple ball game. Swim some laps while at the beach or hotel pool. This will no doubt satisfy your exercise needs, while you get in a little family bonding at the same time!

Don’t Forget To Nurture Yourself

Wake up earlier than everyone in the house. This will give you the space to become centered without distraction. Use this time for yourself; meditate, drink tea on the patio, or take advantage of the opportunity to complete your favorite fitness routine before your busy day begins. Once you’re done exercising, you will feel like you’ve already accomplished something today (and that’s because you did). You’ll have clarity of mind and a strong body to seize the demanding day ahead.

During an airplane emergency, you must give yourself oxygen before placing it on your child. Likewise, if you aren’t taking care of your own health, you set yourself up for unnecessary stress and resentment. This can result in fatigue and a diminished capacity to be present and nurturing for both yourself and your family. Maintaining your health with daily physical activity helps foster not only a strong body ready to take on the demands of your day, but peace of mind as well.

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Why It’s Good

Honoring yourself by nurturing your body and mind positively affects not only your health but your family as well. Staying active and caring for your own needs in the midst of juggling busy summer schedules is attainable and will pay off in limitless ways.