7 Natural Home Remedies for Teething Babies

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When that first adorable tooth emerges from your baby's gummy smile, it's a pretty significant milestone—and a well-earned sigh of relief after dealing with the difficulties of teething. It can be a challenging time as a new parent, but luckily there are many ways to alleviate the discomfort and fussiness that come with teething. Here are some of the best natural home remedies for teething babies.

Teething Basics

The Mayo Clinic explains that babies typically begin teething around six months old. The first teeth to emerge are usually the lower central incisors, or the bottom two front teeth, followed by the upper central incisors, or the top two front teeth.

Every baby's development is different, but the signs and symptoms of teething will typically begin a month or so before a tooth emerges. Some babies will pop out a tooth without batting an eye, but many—like my firstborn—will experience discomfort, especially with the larger molars.

Signs of teething include:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Chewing on hands, toys, and just about anything they can reach
  • Rashes around the mouth
  • Difficulty falling and staying asleep
  • General fussiness

Teeth typically come out in pairs, so if you see one tooth and the symptoms haven't subsided, another one may emerge soon.

Home Remedies for Teething Babies

While teething is a challenge for both babies and parents, the good news is that there are several ways to help your baby through these uncomfortable milestones. There are many over-the-counter teething remedies available, but according to the Mayo Clinic, you should avoid any teething products containing the pain reliever benzocaine as well as homeopathic teething gels and tablets.

If you're looking for a more natural solution that you can feel comfortable using, these are some home remedies for teething babies that actually work.

1. Cold Washcloth

This home remedy was my number one go-to with my daughter. The coolness of the washcloth helped to numb the pain and minimized inflammation while giving her something safe to chew on. Soak a clean washcloth in water and wring it out. Place it in the freezer until it's chilled—not completely frozen. Hold the washcloth while your baby chews on it. These work great, but they don't last long, so it can be helpful to prepare a few at a time to have on hand.

Silicone teething jewelry is a great home remedy.

2. Silicone Teething Jewelry

Who knew being fashion-forward could also soothe a teething baby? Silicone teething necklaces and bracelets made with food-grade silicone are safe for babies to chew on and a breeze to clean. These were one of my son's favorite teething toys, and they especially work great when you're on the go or babywearing.

3. Frozen Fruit

Like a washcloth, frozen fruit can be an excellent natural home remedy for teething. It provides the same numbing sensation with a tasty treat. Fill a mesh feeder with a frozen piece of your baby's favorite fruit. Watermelon, mango, pear, or anything on the sweeter side is a great option. Just make sure the fruit isn't frozen solid, or it may hurt your baby's sore gums. And be prepared for a mess as the fruit starts to defrost. You'll definitely need a bib for this one.

4. Teething Toys

There are many chewable toys available designed specifically for a teething baby. Look for toys made to be mouthed so that you can feel comfortable with your baby using them safely. These are typically made with silicone, soft rubber, or wood. If you spot your little one chewing on other toys, offer one of these instead.

5. Lend a Hand

If chewing on their own fingers doesn't do the trick, offer your baby one of your own. Just watch out for those tiny teeth that have already emerged and, of course, make sure your hands are clean before offering a finger to gnaw on. It might sound painful, but when all else would fail, my finger was one of the best teething remedies for my kids.

Chewing on a finger is an easy teething home remedy.

6. Gum Massage

While you've already got a finger in use, try giving your baby a gentle gum massage. Carefully rub their gumline with clean fingers to help alleviate pain and inflammation. You can also try a facial massage, gently massaging your baby's jaw and gums from the outside.

7. Keep Them Dry

Excessive drooling caused by teething can quickly irritate your baby's sensitive skin. To prevent a rash from developing, keep their chin dry and change any drool-soaked onesies. I often used bibs when my babies were teething to avoid multiple outfit changes per day.

Even armed with these home remedies, teething can be a difficult developmental period to deal with. Just know that, like all other phases, it will eventually end, and that adorable toothy grin will make you forget all the fussiness.

Many of these home remedies, such as cold washcloths and gum massage, can also help prep your baby to feel comfortable with future oral care.

Once those tiny teeth finally emerge, it's time to start brushing. Check out this guide to choosing a natural toothpaste your baby will love and that you can feel comfortable using.

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Seeing your baby in discomfort is never easy, but that doesn't mean that over-the-counter remedies are the only answer for teething. Many natural home remedies for teething work, and you can feel comfortable using them.