Pamper Yourself! 4 Natural and Frugal Ways to Do It Everyday

By Ashley Sears in Healthy Feeling

Pamper yourself? Who has time for that, right?! When life gets busy, the first thing that goes out the window is how to pamper yourself. Taking care of ourselves always seems to end up on the “unimportant” list. We make up about a bazillion excuses of why we can’t possibly make time for ourselves, and for a while they may seem like legitimate excuses. That was until now.

There are many ways you can naturally and frugally take care of yourself in the time you actually have to spend. When my girls were first born, my time was not my own. With a toddler on my arm, and an infant in a nursing sling, there were days that I prayed for clones of myself. I was lucky to get time to brush my hair and my teeth every day, so there wasn’t even a possibility for me to pamper myself every day. Basic self care was “pampering”.

Learn to naturally pamper yourself in four easy steps

As the girls got older, the one thing that I noticed was that I was not only frazzled, but that I was setting an example for my girls that I didn’t want them to follow. Their idea of what a mom and woman should be was being shaped by how well, or not so well in this case, I was taking care of myself. Once I realized this, my life began to change.

Sure, you can give yourself ten million reasons why you don’t have time to pamper yourself. You can play the martyr, but you will definitely end up burnt out and stressed. Who wants to live like that? That’s why you should take a little time each and every day to take care of yourself. Show your kids that it’s important for parents to spend time on themselves as well.

What does it look like? How much time does it take? Before you decide it’s not possible, take a look at these four steps that will help you naturally and frugally pamper yourself each and every day. It takes less than 15 minutes every day, but will add so much more vitality and happiness to your life, and your family will notice the big difference too.

Learn four ways to naturally and frugally pamper yourself everyday

4 Steps to Naturally and Frugal Pamper Yourself Every Day

  1. Make an appointment Put “me time” on your calendar every day, and make it non-negotiable. This may seem the hardest, but once you make it a priority you will see how easy it is to fit it in. Start with five minutes a day. Calm your thinking or spend time alone by yourself. Never have alone time? Put on headphones for five minutes, and clear your thoughts every day.
  2. Treat Yourself: This tip is a fun one to play around with. Find little ways to treat yourself. Maybe it’s finding your love of audio books or a new love of hiking (the kids will love this one too). Add a new natural body lotion to your morning routine that puts a little pep in your step. Just find a little something that you look forward to each and every day that wouldn’t take much to fit into your already busy schedule.
  3. Mindfulness: The great thing about this tip is that it’s free. What is mindfulness? It’s just slowing down and paying attention to yourself and your day. You owe it to yourself to see just why you do what you do, and this will help you learn to make adjustments for a happier life. Most moms are so busy we never take the time to mentally slow down, check in with ourselves, and truly see how we can take better care of ourselves.
  4. Get Your Family on Board: When you involve the whole family, they are more likely to support you in taking care of yourself. When we decided to slow our family down, we had a family meeting and now all of use enjoy some alone time each and every day. This made it so much easier to find the time I could spend on myself, and now my kids have learned how important it is to make time for themselves as well!

Learn to frugally and naturally pamper yourself every day.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to begin with huge changes. It can start with baby steps; taking a step closer and closer to the happiness you deserve. Learning what makes me happy, and being more mindful of where I spend my time (and where I shouldn’t spend my time) has not only changed my life, but it has changed the life of my family as well. What are some ways that you can make time for yourself every day?

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Why It’s Good

Every minute you spend taking care of yourself is something you should be proud of! Setting a good example for your family and proving that you can not only make yourself a priority but do it with natural, wholesome products and activities will show your family how easy it is to live a better life. Pampering yourself doesn't have to be expensive, just showing yourself that you are a priority is worth all the money in the world. You are worth it, and you can do it with these four simple tips to naturally and frugally pamper yourself every day.