Simple Yoga Poses to Incorporate into Your Daily Routine

By Laurie Fanelli in Healthy Feeling

There’s no doubt about it, as a society, everyone is busy. From multi-tasking at work to taking care of your home and family, sometimes there isn’t enough time to fit in a full workout. This doesn’t mean you have to skip exercise altogether. There are several simple yoga poses you can incorporate into your daily routine with ease. From cleaning to playing with your kids, every part of the day can become an opportunity to open up your body and relax your mind with peaceful yoga moves.

Child’s Pose Clean-Up

There’s no better time to strike the child’s pose than when you’re already down on the floor cleaning up toys your children have scattered about. This simple yoga move stretches your hips, thighs, ankles, and back, all while you take in soothing, relaxing breaths. While you’re on your hands and knees tidying up, spread your knees to shoulder-length apart while keeping your toes touching. Sit up straight, with good posture, inhale deeply, and upon your exhale, lean forward until your forehead touches the floor. Extend your arms out above your head, and take a few deep, relaxing breaths.

Early Morning Tree PoseThe Tree Pose is a simple yoga move that can be performed any time of day.

While you’re busy brushing your teeth, take a few moments to strengthen your core and calves with an early morning tree pose. Transition into this move by bending your right knee, gently grabbing your right ankle, and bringing your right foot up to your left thigh. Make sure to keep your hips even. Draw several breaths before you repeat with the opposite leg. By the time you finish each pose, you’ll have given your teeth a cleaning that would make your dentist proud.

Downward-Scrubbing Dog

Downward-facing dog is one of my favorite go-to yoga moves. Even if I don’t have time for a full workout, I try to incorporate this position into my daily yoga routine. If you’re cleaning your floors, take a moment or two to transition into this full body stretch — you’ll feel the results immediately.

downward facing dog

Start on your hands and knees with your weight distributed equally among your limbs. Use your hands and feet to balance your weight as you lift your knees and elbows. Slowly straighten your legs until you feel a good stretch in your hips and calves. Press into the floor with your hands as you lift your pelvis towards the ceiling. Hold for several breaths as you adjust the stretch to wherever your body needs the most attention. To release, exhale and bend your knees and elbows slowly back down to the floor.

Easy-Going Pose

After a long day, it’s nice to sit down and watch some mindless television. This period of relaxation provides the perfect opportunity to strike the dandasana pose. When talking about simple yoga poses, it doesn’t get much easier than this. Just sit down on the floor, stretch out your legs, and place your hands by your side on the floor. Lengthen your back and hold good posture as you take in cleansing, relaxing breaths. You can hold this pose for as long as you like, but if you’re going to binge-watch a show, be sure to occasionally switch your position to a tree pose to keep the blood flowing.

Dead Asleep Corpse Pose

Instead of checking your email one last time while lying in bed, take a few moments to clear your mind and prepare your body for a restful night of sleep. This move couldn’t be easier: simply lie flat on your back with your arms and legs fully extended yet completely relaxed. Take the time to feel your body opening up and relaxing your shoulder blades and hips. Relax every muscle from your toes to your core (even your tongue!). Hold the pose for as long as you like or until you fall asleep.

What are some good moves you like to incorporate into your daily yoga routine? Share your tips with @TomsofMaine on Twitter. Namaste!

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A busy day doesn't mean health and wellness have to go out the window. Rather than taking an all-or-nothing approach to exercise, try incorporating these simple yoga poses into your daily routine.