Tom’s of Maine Goodness Circle: 2016 Introductions

By Bridget Burns in Healthy Feeling

Earlier this year we refreshed the Tom’s of Maine Goodness Circle, first started in 2014. This group of passionate Tom’s of Maine consumers will share information and opinions about some of what we’re working on this year, along with their regular ongoing content. This group is made up of active community members, mothers, and professionals who share a passion for blogging about healthy living. We hope you will follow along!

Goodness Circle members at a volunteer outing, September 2015

You can follow them all on Twitter by visiting our Goodness Circle Twitter List here.

New Members:

Emily of Clever Housewife is a mother of four living in a small town in Northern California, where she enjoys cooking and crafting. As a stay-at-home mom, she enjoys sharing topics she faces in her daily life.

Valerie of Inner Child Fun is an artist, software engineer, speaker, blogger and mother. She lives in Pennsylvania with her two daughters and husband. She loves creative projects that can be enjoyed by the whole family without breaking the bank.

Shauna of Adventure of my Family of 8 is a full-time wife, mother and writer on a new journey to living a healthier life. She lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, children, in-laws and brother.

Ashley of Quirky Inspired has been working towards living a quirky life in Indiana for as long as she can remember. She enjoys writing about all things that make life awesome: quirky stories, easy tips and awesome eats.

Kerri of I am the Maven is a mother of three living in Seattle, Washington with her children, husband two cats and backyard chickens. She enjoys sharing food and cooking tips, as wells as family-friendly entertainment and travel.

Nicky of Little Family Adventure is a mother of three who loves spending time with her family in the great outdoors of Oklahoma. Whether it’s a new place, a new food or new travel destination, she is always looking for a new adventure to enjoy with her family.

Megan of Healthy Grocery Girl is an author, dietician, producer, host and nutrition expert for television and magazines. She lives in sunny Los Angeles, California with her husband, where she enjoys hiking, running, paddle boarding and being outdoors.

Nate and Chelsea of Someday I’ll Learn are an adventures couple sharing activities to inspire families to put themselves first. They live in a farmhouse in the rural hills between San Diego and Los Angeles with their three children, two dogs, a cat, and a backyard full of chickens, goats and sheep.

Jenn of Comeback Mama is sharing her personal comeback story to help inspire other women to constantly strive to find the best within themselves. She enjoys sharing stories about fitness, food and fashion and spending time with her family in Boston.

Stephanie of Modern Parents Messy World provides daily inspiration to parents on simplifying, connecting and living well. She enjoys sharing creative playtime activities, clever organization tips and DIY projects. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her three small children and husband.

Returning Members:

Jessica of the Mom Creative is an author, blogger and mother. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Matthew and three children. She balances a hectic life, but always makes sure she is having fun too!

Kristen of Capturing Joy makes sure to find joy in all aspects of her life. She is a family photographer living in Austin, Texas and is a mother of four. She loves to DIY and cook delicious recipes. Make sure to visit her blog for great visuals!

Colleen of Shibley Smiles is a self-proclaimed tech geek who has become addicted to blogging about her three children, husband and life in South Florida. She loves living near the beach and you can find posts about nutrition, exercise, tech and family on her blog.

Lori or Groovy Green Livin is dedicated to sharing green ideas and tip for a more sustainable lifestyle. She is a mother, speaker and lives in Boston with her three young boys, groovy husband and chocolate lab.

Courtney of Crunchy Beach Mama is a coffee loving “greenie” who lives in the Denver/Boulder area and wakes up to mountain views every morning with her husband and children.

Jennifer L. of Eco Child’s Play is a vegetarian with strong green values. She even built an eco-home from salvaged timber! She lives in California with her husband and children and is an avid yogini.

Scarlet of Family Focus Blog is a Nashville stay-at- home mom who spends time with her children looking for family fun activities and ways to go green.

Jennifer M. of My Beauty Bunny is a self-proclaimed beauty junkie and lifelong animal lover. She put these two obsessions together to create a cruelty-free beauty blog. While she is a native of Louisiana, she has lived in Los Angeles for the last ten years soaking in the sun.

Lindsey of So Easy Being Green lives in a small town in Tennessee with her children and husband. She enjoys sharing the idea that simple and easy ideas to go green can make a big difference in the long run.

Beth of Tasty Yummies is a graphic designer, illustrator and print maker who is addicted to yoga, eating and cooking healthy. She lives in Long Beach, California, with her husband, dog Seri and two cats, Indie and Jpeg.

Why It’s Good

We've chosen this group of bloggers because the topics they write about are topics we think our consumers are interested in! Check out their individual blogs to see if you may want to follow them.