What Is TRX? This Fitness Trend Could Change the Way You Workout

By Sher Warkentin in Healthy Feeling

If you’re a fan of in-home workouts, then you might have found yourself wondering, “what is TRX?” This fitness technique, which relies on suspension training and resistance for a full-body workout at any level, has recently become buzzworthy. Say goodbye to what you thought you knew about home gyms, and check out this extremely versatile concept.

What Is TRX?

Total resistance training (TRX) was originally created by a Navy Seal looking for a way to stay in top physical condition no matter where his station took him. You don’t have to be a Navy Seal (or even someone in peak strength) to make use of this system. In fact, the thing that makes it so versatile, besides its portability, is that it can offer a good workout no matter what your fitness level is.

Instead of expensive training machines or weights, TRX uses nothing more than a set of straps to get you into shape. The suspension straps are used to perform a variety of resistance training moves, somewhat similar to Pilates, that focus on your core and give you a full-body workout.

Rob Robinson, a brand manager at Tom’s of Maine, shares his own experience with the system. “TRX is very adaptable for people of various skill levels and for people who need to avoid exercise that puts a lot of pressure on the joints. Virtually all of the routines can be modified to increase the difficulty,” says Rob.

Its versatility in relation to difficulty means that virtually everyone can use it. “Since you’re using body weight, you can often increase difficulty just by increasing the angle of your body,” Rob says. “I take a class that has people of various experience, and we all get a good workout by the end.”

Getting Started

Ideally, finding a class you can take is the best way to start off. That way you get a good understanding of the moves before you try them on your own.

“My one piece of advice: If you can, I would definitely encourage going to an experienced trainer. Proper form is very important in TRX, both to ensure you’re getting good exercise but also to protect yourself from injury,” explains Rob.

Squeezing in time for a class or the gym isn’t always easy, though. Thankfully, as TRX was developed to be done just about anywhere, it’s the perfect fit for your home workout routine. Once you’ve got the form down, you can try it in your living room.

The first step is to get your equipment set up. TRX has a video explaining how you can set up your own TRX at home. All you really need is a TRX home kit, which is essentially just the straps. Besides that, you’ll need an anchor that’s strong enough to support your body weight. This can be as simple as hooking them over a door or, if you want to get outside, you can utilize a tree or other sturdy post.

Wherever you choose to put it, just make sure you have enough room to move with the straps and a flat, even surface to stand on. A yoga mat is also a good idea to have on your floor space to prevent slipping and to support you.

If you can’t make it to a class, the best way to help answer the question “what is TRX?” is by checking out some videos. Start by exploring the TRXTraining channel on YouTube, which offers tutorials on different moves and introductions to the ways you can use the system. This YouTube video is a great one to learn TRX exercises for beginners, as it takes the time to describe how to adjust your straps and walks you through basic moves.

what is trx

Keeping Things Interesting

The thing that makes TRX such a unique workout is that it’s so versatile and offers an array of different exercises, from yoga to high-intensity interval training. This means that, even as time passes, you won’t get bored or feel like you’re stuck in monotonous routine.

“What first made me want to try it was that it was very different than any other routine I had tried,” says Rob. Boredom is a big problem for me when I try to keep exercising, because I find if I stick to some things for too long, I end up just going through the motions. There are so many different routines you can do. It’s tough to get bored!”

Finding time to workout isn’t always simple, but a system like TRX makes it much easier to squeeze in exercise that can actually help you get fit in a short amount of time—while challenging people of all fitness levels.

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Why It’s Good

Working out at home is a great way to squeeze in exercise around a busy schedule, but it's not always easy to find an at-home routine that's simple and gives you a full-body workout. TRX is easy to use just about anywhere, and it's so versatile that no matter what fitness level you are at, you'll be challenged.