Is It Better to Donate Time or Money?

By Mali Anderson in Helping Hands

If you want to support a nonprofit you love, you may be wondering—is it better to donate time or money? Both have value; it's simply a matter of finding the right match between the needs of the cause and your individual capacity to give. Rest assured, both choices have positive impacts and are worthwhile pursuits.

Volunteering Your Time

Volunteering can be a beneficial experience for you and the cause you believe in. Feeling connected to your community promotes your own health and well-being, at every age.

When you have an ongoing volunteer relationship with an organization, you can see the influence of your gift of time. For example, you'll witness families that visit a food pantry each week thrive. Or, if you tutor, you'll watch the ability of your students grow.

Of course, there are drawbacks to donating your time. The main issue is establishing how much time you can realistically give. If you are juggling work, family, and community responsibilities, you may not be able to commit to an organization on a regular basis. Take a close look at your calendar and be sure you can take on the additional responsibility while taking care of yourself, too.

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Donating Your Dollars

While spending time within an organization is rewarding, nonprofits also rely on monetary gifts to keep the lights on. Giving financial support is extremely important for the health of nonprofits. Your fiscal donation is just as heartfelt as giving your time. When nonprofits are focused on global issues, healthcare, or research, money can really help to advance the mission of the organization.

That said, when you donate your money, you should add those donations to your household expenses and understand the affect it has on your annual or monthly budget. Once you've determined the amount of your donation, remember to collect receipts as your donations could be tax-deductible.

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All Efforts Make an Impact

When considering if it is better to volunteer or donate money, remember that both options are compassionate acts. Both time and money are resources you are generously sharing. When we are generous, we feel compassion for others and build up our communities.

Every hour spent volunteering and every dollar donated helps. With so many missions in need of support, seek out nonprofits that speak to you. Then, over time, you can grow with the organization, watching your gifts impact the lives of others. Your heart will swell as you recognize your investment is paying dividends, whether that investment was the value of your time or your hard-earned dollars.

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Why It's Good

Generously sharing your time or your money with a nonprofit is an act of compassion. Every hour spent volunteering and every dollar given to a cause helps. When supporting a nonprofit, choose the option that works best for you!