Benefits of Volunteering: Improve Your Health and Well-Being

By Mali Anderson in Helping Hands

We know that the benefits of volunteering include helping those in need and strengthening your community. But volunteering may also improve your own health and well-being. So why not get started? You and your family can volunteer together, making friends and boosting your confidence in the process.

Connect with Others

Sharing a task is a great way to strengthen bonds or to start new friendships. Since people volunteer for organizations that have a mission they believe in, volunteering is an ideal way to meet people who have common interests. Plus, a group of volunteers typically has a blend of personalities, some social and some shy, so you can dive right in and chat if you feel comfortable or watch from the sidelines for the first few meetings, until you feel at home. Further, many volunteers report that collaborating for the greater good improved their mental health

.volunteering with others

Feel Good about Yourself

Serving your community can provide meaning, direction, and inspiration. Working for a cause you believe in can make you proud and cultivate your identity. We all have gifts to share; find opportunities to use your gifts—from gardening to caring for animals to painting murals—and watch your talents develop. Your contribution will be appreciated. This appreciation and sense of purpose can increase your confidence and self-esteem.


Focus on the Positive

Focusing on something besides your day-to-day worries can be a great way to reduce stress. Volunteering with others highlights the positive aspects of your life and neighborhood. The social benefits of volunteering may fill you with gratitude, which can have a stress-reducing effect. In this way, helping others is actually a healthy way to help yourself, too.

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Why It’s Good

Yes, volunteering can improve your community, but did you know volunteering can also improve your own health and wellbeing? Get involved! You may find yourself making new friends and reducing personal stress, all while supporting a great cause.