Companies that Help the Environment: An Interview with Seamus Conlin at Tom’s of Maine

By Angela Tague in Helping Hands

Seamus Conlin tells his kids that when they recycle, they create new toys. This smart dad knows that environmental consciousness is an important value to pass on to younger generations. Along with recycling, Seamus appreciates the compassion behind volunteering and the significance of choosing natural personal care products.

With this perspective, it’s no surprise Seamus is the Food, Drug, and Mass Agency Manager for Tom’s of Maine, a name well-known among companies that help the environment for its sustainable approach to personal care. He first learned about the company as a child when his father brought home samples of Tom’s of Maine products from his firm, which was collaborating on a project with the local green-focused business.

“There are too many favorite parts of working for Tom’s, but one notion I enjoy is the fact that every time we switch a consumer from a conventional product, we’re making the world more sustainable and improving our environment and community,” Seamus says.

A Family Affair

Seamus inspires his family to have a similar outlook and give back to the community, whether it’s through charitable projects or recycling and composting at home. It’s also not uncommon to find the Conlin family helping out with their local animal rescue group. In addition to serving on the board, they roll up their sleeves to help build cat enclosures, seek funding for the group, and find new forever homes for the pets.

Conlin builds enclosures for rescued cats.

Toothpaste That Does Some Good

If you’re working on living a healthier, more sustainable life, Seamus has some sage advice. “Think about the impact on yourself, your family and friends, your community, and your world when you consider every purchase and what you do with it when you’re done,” he says. He also hopes to inspire families volunteering together to grow their bond and do things that encourage good in their community—like supporting companies that help the environment.

There are plenty of ethical reasons to love Tom’s of Maine, and the wide variety of products doesn’t hurt. Seamus says he particularly loves the Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste. “I had a filling replaced after 19 years and was experiencing sensitivity in the tooth for weeks afterward despite revisiting the dentist three times. After regular use of Rapid Relief, the pain is gone and I can chew with my whole mouth again!”

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Image sources: Pexels | Seamus Conlin

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Why It’s Good

Seamus Conlin walks the walk and talks the talk. Whether he's working at Tom's of Maine or inspiring his family to live a healthy, sustainable life, making choices based on environmental impact is an everyday occurrence. This makes both his professional life and charity work extra special and exciting.