4 Reasons to Switch to Unscented Deodorant

By Liz Thompson in Natural Products

Your current deodorant may have a woodsy or floral scent, but have you ever wondered if an unscented formula might suit you? There are several reasons to consider using an unscented deodorant. And yes, you'll still get the odor protection you want.


Unscented Deodorant vs. Fragrance-Free Deodorant


Some people are scent-sensitive, meaning they have an aversion to fragranced products or may experience physical symptoms triggered by fragrance ingredients.


Others can have an allergic reaction to fragrance ingredients, and the most common product associated with this type of reaction is scented deodorant, according to research published in the journal Contact Dermatitis. Still, others simply prefer that their deodorant doesn't interfere with the scent of their body lotion, perfume, or cologne.


Whatever your reason for opting to go sans fragrance in the deodorant department, it pays to know the difference between unscented and fragrance-free deodorant.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, unscented deodorant may contain fragrance ingredients used to mask the scent of other ingredients. Alternately, fragrance-free deodorant contains no fragrance ingredients or ingredients to mask scent in the product, so the product itself may have an odor.


Unscented Deodorant v Fragrance-Free Deodorant: What's the Difference?


4 Reasons to Try Unscented Natural Deodorant


Unscented natural deodorant can keep you feeling fresh throughout the day without artificial fragrances. There are many reasons to use an unscented underarm product. If anything on the following list resonates with you, try adding unscented natural deodorant to your routine.


1. You Are Scent-Sensitive


If you tend to get headaches or other symptoms when wearing scented products, an unscented underarm product could be a great option for you. Rest assured that you will still get odor protection, just without added fragrance.


2. You Want the Scent of Other Products to Stand Out


If you love the way your body lotion, shampoo, perfume, or cologne smells and don't want to overpower it with a scented deodorant, unscented natural deodorant could come in handy.


3. You Are Spending Time in Nature


Pests, such as mosquitoes, are attracted to scents. Even larger animals, such as bears, may be compelled to pay your campsite a visit if they pick up on a scented deodorant fragrance. Pests are also attracted to human body odor, so be sure to use an unscented deodorant on your next outdoor venture.


4 Reasons to Try Unscented Natural Deodorant


4. You Prefer No Scent At All


If you prefer to go scent-free with all your personal care products, switching to unscented deodorant could suit you. There's nothing wrong with the natural odor of your body!


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Why It's Good

Unscented deodorant is an excellent choice for many reasons—whether you experience symptoms from fragrance, wish to let the scent of other body care products shine through, spend time outdoors, or simply want to go scent-free. And the best part is you still get the odor-fighting protection!