5 Dried Lavender Uses to Try at Home

By Laurie Fanelli in Natural Products

Lavender has a beautiful scent and is believed to aid in relaxation. With its purple hues, this flowering plant is a welcome addition to any garden, but what can you do with it at the end of the season? It seems too elegant and valuable to let wither and waste away. Luckily, dried lavender uses are abundant and can really elevate the ambiance of your home.

To get started, gather bouquets of fresh lavender when the growing season is coming to an end. Secure the bouquets with twine, and hang them upside down in a cool, dry location, such as the garage. You can also use a food dehydrator, if you have one, for a faster drying method. After a few weeks, you'll find that your bouquets are perfectly crisp and ready to be used in a number of projects.

I grow lavender in my garden, and dried lavender has become a staple in my home all year long. One of my favorite ways to use it is in a delicious lavender lemonade, perfect for any special occasion. Simply add dried lavender flowers to a traditional lemonade recipe for a twist on the summer classic.

Here are some great dried lavender uses that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.

There are many dried lavender uses


Lemonade isn't the only recipe aided by dried lavender. I like to sprinkle a pinch of it into pancake batter and lemon poppy seed muffins. A little bit of lavender adds a depth of flavor that will intrigue your friends and family. However, before you add lavender to your favorite recipes, you'll want to try a tiny bit of it on its own as some varieties are more palatable than others.

Sachet Bags

Sachet bags are a great way to place the pleasing aroma of lavender wherever you'd like it. To make a sachet bag, fill a small cloth bag with dried lavender and cinch it closed. The finished product can be placed in drawers or closets to keep clothes smelling fresh inside and out. They're also great in gym bags or diaper bags.

Sachets are among the good dried lavender uses

Insect Repellent

Lavender has a strong scent that's known to keep bugs away. Hang bouquets of dried lavender from your awnings the next time you have an outdoor get-together for a natural, aesthetically pleasing insect repellent.


Dried lavender is a delightful potpourri on its own, or it can be added to other fragrant flowers to create a more complex scent profile. My personal favorite is lavender mixed with dried rose petals and orange peels.

Scented Vacuum Session

If you want to make your whole house smell like a lavender field, sprinkle dried lavender on the carpet before you vacuum. As a bonus, this method also adds a fresh scent to the vacuum cleaner itself.

Now that you know how to use dried lavender, you can make this fragrant flower a part of your daily life.

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Why It's Good

You don't have to waste any lavender from your garden! From cooking to cleaning, dried lavender can add freshness to your household in many ways.