Can a Woman Wear Men's Deodorant?

By Angela Tague in Natural Products

Women can wear whatever they want, from clothes and hairstyles to shoes and personal care products. If you love it, embrace it!

Once, I bought a men's deodorant for my husband with a woodsy scent that he wasn't wild about. I, on the other hand, thought it was wonderful, so I used the product myself. The masculine labeling on the package didn't matter to me, as long as the deodorant provided the odor control I desired. And, it did!

Can a Woman Wear Men's Deodorant?

Absolutely! If the scent is appealing and the product does what you need, go for it. Just because the product is marketed to men doesn't mean you can't give it a try. After all, you may have used shaving razors and shaving cream labeled for the opposite sex, right? Using a men's deodorant is really no different.

The two main differences between men's and women's personal care products are the scents (which can be enjoyed by any gender) and the labeling on the containers. That's all!

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Is Men's Deodorant Stronger than Women's Deodorant?

It's a myth that men's deodorant is more powerful or formulated differently than products made for women. Active ingredients that fight odors are present in both men's and women's deodorants.

Picking the Perfect Underarm Product

Sometimes it's best to look past the packaging and try a few different underarm products to see what works with your body's chemistry and activity level. For me, I need an antiperspirant and deodorant combo because I notice odor and wetness on hot summer days or when I exercise. When it's cooler outside or when I'm sitting at my desk for the day, a natural deodorant is all I need to feel fresh.

Which product do you need? Consider your activity levels and common underarm concerns. Do you perspire easily? Maybe reach for an antiperspirant, then. Do you produce unpleasant body odor? Then give deodorant a try, perhaps. And, if you're not a fan of scented products, an unscented deodorant could work for you.

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Decoding the Ingredients List

Both men's and women's deodorant come in natural varieties. But how can you tell a natural product from a conventional one? The best way is to read through the ingredient list when shopping for underarm products.

Look for naturally derived ingredients and words you can pronounce. You might see the following on a natural deodorant label:

  • Natural fragrances: These may include pure plant essential oils, essential oil blends, and blends that contain naturally derived plant isolates. They add a nice aroma to personal care products. You might also discover underarm products scented with lavender, sage, or lemongrass.
  • Ascorbic acid: This antioxidant—also known as vitamin C—is derived from citrus fruits and helps to maintain the shelf life of deodorant.
  • Aloe: This gel derived from the aloe plant Aloe barbadensis adds a soothing feel to natural deodorants.

If you feel good about the ingredients you see listed, give the stick a sniff. Don't get too focused on who the product is labeled for. If it works for you, it's for you. Don't be afraid to try a few new-to-you products and test them for a couple of weeks. You might be surprised to learn that you prefer a product labeled for the opposite sex over your current go-to product!

So, can a woman wear men's deodorant? Of course! For more natural personal care tips, follow the Naturally Good Products board from @tomsofmaine on Pinterest!

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Why It's Good

Choose an underarm product based on your preferences, not the labeling on the package. If you like the scent and the product addresses your need, you've found the right product for you, whether it's labeled for a man or a woman!