Children’s Musician Laurie Berkner on the “Making of” the Silly Brushing Song

By Laurie Berkner in in Natural Products

The Silly Brushing Song Story

Choosing natural products has always been a priority for me. When I’m not making music for children with the Laurie Berkner Band, I’m also a mom! Having a child made it feel even more important because I was making decisions for my daughter Lucy, too. I wanted to set an example of healthy routines early on and make a conscious effort to practice them with my family.

Laurie Berkner and Daughter

Laurie and daughter Lucy (pictured at age 6) outside their Manhattan apartment building

When it came to establishing a brushing routine for Lucy, it was one of those ongoing challenges. Both my husband Brian’s and my schedules were very fluid, and it was hard to maintain any routines we started – even with the best of intentions. Music is a big part of our lives, so we decided to try different things to keep it fun, like singing the “Happy Birthday” song a couple of times while she brushed (to make sure she kept the brush in there long enough!) and we found ourselves buying more than our fair share of electric toothbrushes that played music for the same reason.

These strategies helped, but when I look back, I wish I had something that made the whole two minutes of brushing a truly fun experience. I kept this thought in mind as I developed the “Silly Brushing Song” with the Laurie Berkner Band, to turn brushing into an “event” for families. Lucy loved Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry children’s toothpaste growing up so it was easy to find inspiration!

One of my favorite things about the song is that parents don’t have to wait until their kids are right in front of the sink to press play. Instead, the lyrics serve as a jumpstart to get the process started – getting our toothbrush and toothpaste out and ready – with the music video bringing the song to life on screen.

I am proud to partner with Tom’s of Maine and even more excited to share the new “Silly Brushing Song” with you. I hope it helps make the most of the brushing routine for a FUN two minutes, twice a day. Let me know what you think and brush ’em up!

Why It’s Good

Bring a new beat to the bathroom sink with our #SillyBrushing music video from Laurie Berkner Band! For healthy teeth and gums, the American Dental Association recommends that both kids and adults alike brush for a full two minutes, twice a day. So brush 'em up and get silly!