Choosing the Best Deodorant for Winter

By Laurie Fanelli in Natural Products

There's a lot to love about winter. Beautiful snowfalls, cool nights sitting by warm fires, and cozy sweaters are just a few things to enjoy as temperatures drop. And between wearing warm layers, enjoying winter activities, and going back and forth between frigid temperatures and toasty indoor environments, you might work up a sweat.

While you might not perspire in the same way as summer, finding the best deodorant for winter could benefit you during the cooler months. Furthermore, stressful situations have been linked to elevating body odor. The holiday season brings festive cheer, but party planning, reconnecting with relatives, and picking out the perfect gifts can add stress. The right deodorant can help you feel clean and confident no matter what comes up.

Winter deodorant is a good idea when engaging outdoor activities.

Sweating in the Winter

When it's hot outside, preparing for sweaty conditions is top of mind. But in the winter, it takes longer to begin to perspire, so you may find yourself suddenly surprised by the uncomfortable feeling of moisture under your arms. And if you're wearing layers, you may not realize you've begun to emit body odor until you take off your coat. Wearing deodorant in the winter can give you peace of mind that your favorite fragrance is the only scent in the air.

Body odor isn't the only concern with sweating in the winter. Moisture and dampness can reduce body temperatures. When the air is cold, this can lead to dangerous situations like hypothermia or frostbite. Monitor your sweat levels and body temperature when enjoying outdoor winter activities. Wearing loose-fitting layers can provide better insulation and allow you to remove a layer if you get too hot. Keep extra clothes in the car so you can change if your base layer becomes wet from sweat.

Tips for Choosing the Best Deodorant for Winter

Prepare for Dry Air

Cold air has lower humidity levels, and dry air can lead to dry skin. Selecting a deodorant that has a moisturizer like sunflower seed oil—which is an ingredient in Tom's of Maine Wild Lavender Long Lasting Deodorant—can help protect your underarms from dry conditions.

A closeup of a conifer tree.

Select a Seasonal Scent

Wintertime is associated with many beautiful aromas. You can lean into the season's scents by choosing a deodorant that celebrates aromas like pine, which is associated with festive wreaths and trees. An unscented option, like Tom's of Maine Unscented Long Lasting Deodorant, is also ideal if you're looking for a choice that won't clash with competing fragrances.

Find Long-Lasting Protection for Winter Sports

If you want to enjoy outdoor winter activities like sledding, snowboarding, or even a brisk morning walk, opt for a long-lasting deodorant for odor protection. An antiperspirant can also be a great choice if you prefer to minimize underarm wetness. Whatever the weather, the best deodorant for winter is the one that makes you feel confident and ready to face everything the day may bring. For some people, that might mean having a couple of different options on hand.

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Why It's Good

The best deodorant for winter will help you feel clean and confident in any situation. From enjoying holiday dinners to playing snow sports, deodorant is the perfect hygiene accessory for the season.