Easy DIY Beard Oil Recipe Using Only Natural Ingredients

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Growing a beard comes with a certain amount of maintenance to keep your hair and skin healthy. From treating dryness to minimizing split ends, personal care products can improve your facial hair. Here's more about beard care products and a simple DIY beard oil recipe to get you started.




Types of Beard Products




Have you ever grown a beard, just to turn around and shave it off when it becomes too uncomfortable? Beard products can help to keep your beard and the skin underneath maintained.


  • Beard oil can be used as a moisturizer for your hair and skin, as well as a styling product.
  • Beard balm is a similar product that does double duty hydrating and styling. Instead of a liquid form, the balm is a solid, which is often made with a base of shea butter or cocoa butter.


Both products can be scented or unscented.


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Why Should You Use a Beard Oil?




While a beard balm is often recommended for longer beards, beard oil is a little more versatile and can be used with any hair lengths. Whether you're looking to moisturize your face, tame unruly hairs, or give your beard some scent, beard oil can easily become a go-to in your daily care routine.




There is a dizzying array of commercial beard oil products available. It can be hard to know which to choose, especially if you want to stick with natural products and naturally derived ingredients. You can easily whip together your own DIY beard oil recipe at home so that you know exactly what is going on your face.




DIY Beard Oil Recipe




Beard oil consists of two basic parts: the base oil or carrier oil, which acts as the moisturizer, and essential oils, which provide scent. There are a lot of options for both ingredients. A few examples of carrier oils include argan oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and jojoba oil. You can experiment with different combinations to get the consistency and scent that works best for you, but here is a simple recipe to get you started.




You'll need:




  • Jojoba oil
  • Essential oils
  • A small, amber colored glass bottle with a screw top
  • Eye dropper
  • Funnel




Before you get started, you'll want to sterilize the bottle you'll be using to store the beard oil. You can do this by boiling it in hot water for a couple minutes. Make sure you cool and dry it before filling.




You can combine carrier oils, but to keep things really simple, start with a base of just jojoba oil. Use a funnel to pour about one ounce into your bottle.




Now it's time to create your signature scent. This is where you can get creative and play around with some combinations:


  • For a woodsy, earthy scent, combine 5-6 drops cedarwood, 2-3 drops pine, and 2-3 drops eucalyptus.
  • For a lighter, citrusy fragrance, combine 3-4 drops lemon or grapefruit with 3-4 drops eucalyptus and 2-3 drops tea tree oil.


Amber essential oil bottles




How to Use Beard Oil




Beard oil can be used on a daily basis. Like facial moisturizers, the best time to apply is right after showering or washing your face. Rub a few drops in your hands and massage it into your beard, making sure you reach the skin underneath. You may want to use more depending on the length and thickness of your beard. If you have a long beard, you can also use a comb to help ensure that the oil is spread evenly through your hair.




With so many different skin types, hair types, and scent preferences, there is no one-size-fits-all combination to creating the perfect DIY beard oil recipe. Have some fun experimenting with different ingredients until you discover your favorite.




If you're looking for more natural personal care inspiration, check out the DIY Naturally board by @tomsofmaine on Pinterest!




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Why It's Good

When you use a product daily on your skin, it's important to know exactly what ingredients are in it. Making your own DIY beard oil recipe ensures you're only putting ingredients you feel comfortable with on your face.