Homemade Bathroom Cleaner: A Great Way to Green Your Routine

By Laurie Fanelli in Natural Products

Cleaning the bathroom is a tough job that requires strong products to remove stains and disinfect. Thankfully, natural practices and a homemade bathroom cleaner can leave your powder room sparkling fresh without the harsh ingredients of some store-bought brands. Taking the steps to green your cleaning routine is not only environmentally friendly, but rids your home of products that may contain dangerous ingredients.

Buying Natural for Your Bathroom

My favorite natural cleansers use green ingredients that are safe for your family and the environment. Look for products comprised of essential oils that provide a “no streak” clean to a variety of surfaces, including mirrors, countertops, and glass shower doors. Bright, fresh scents like a natural lemon or grapefruit are also an important element as they serve as a welcoming aroma anywhere, especially the bathroom.

For tougher jobs, use effective, nontoxic cleaners that tackle soap scum with clear ease. Specific products can be found for any task, but keep an eye out for citric acid (which is derived from plants) as an active ingredient that could remove lime scale and stains. Most chain retailers also offer toilet bowl cleaners that keep your commode clean and fresh with additives found naturally in a variety of ecosystems. As a bonus, make sure your cleaning products are cruelty-free, indicating they’ve never been tested on animals and contain no animal-based ingredients.

Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

It can be daunting to eliminate all traditional bathroom cleansers from your cabinets, but I have found a natural bathroom cleaner to be just as effective—and easy to make from items you already have at home. If you’re not the do-it-yourself-type, there are several equally natural products you can purchase as well.

My go-to homemade bathroom cleaner is super simple: Combine five parts hydrogen peroxide with one part natural dish soap into a clean spray bottle. You can add a couple drops of your favorite scents or essential oils to the mix for a fresh, clean aroma. Always shake this cleanser before using it, as the ingredients separate when stored. I use this formula on countertops, floors, and even rugs, and it tackles each stain every time.

homemade bathroom cleaner

Making a DIY toilet cleaner is even easier: Combine equal parts vinegar and baking soda to create a powerful foam that will make your toilet look as new as the vinegar that disinfects the area. Lemongrass essential oil, a natural odor-fighter, can be added to the mix for a particularly pleasant scent.

Next Steps

Having considered these green cleaning products, consider taking your bathroom chores’ environmental friendliness to another level. Small things, like scrubbing with a reusable cloth rather than a disposable paper towel, go a long way to reducing your home’s waste. You can also fill up a bucket with soapy water, rather than constantly running the faucet in your tub, to ensure you’re using more of the water that comes out of it. Once you’ve taken all of these steps you may even pursue more comprehensive changes—installing a composting toilet, for instance.

composting toilet

There’s no wrong way to start an environmental (but effective) approach to bathroom cleaning. Whatever you do, from making your own products to using less water, you’re preventing volatile chemicals from infecting the waterways and your home.

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Cleaning the bathroom is a tough job, but it shouldn't be done at the expense of the environment. There are several easy things you can do to green your bathroom routine, with do-it-yourself cleansers and thoughtful water usage, that can help put an end to destructive practices..