How to Remove Deodorant Marks Naturally

By Sher Warkentin in Natural Products

When you're making a mad dash to get ready in the morning, the last thing you want to see when you check the mirror is a deodorant mark or stain. Luckily, there are a few simple DIY tricks you can try to remove deodorant marks and stains with items you have at home.

How to Remove Deodorant Marks

You don't have to enlist laundry detergents or stain removers to get fresh deodorant marks out. First, dab a fresh deodorant mark with water and see if that helps. If water alone won't do the trick, try rubbing the spot with something dry. In a pinch, you can simply rub the fabric of your shirt together where the mark appears. Another option is to rub the mark with a dry towel or a sock. Slip the sock on your hand and rub the spot in a circular motion until the mark disappears. It's always a good idea to do a small test first.

Use a sock to rub away fresh deodorant marks.

4 Methods for Removing Deodorant Stains

The dry rub method only works on fresh deodorant marks. For older stains, such as yellowed pits, you're going to need something a little stronger. These are a few tried-and-true DIY methods for removing deodorant stains.


Here's how to remove deodorant stains from clothes with vinegar. First, combine four cups of warm water with one cup of white vinegar. Dip the stained area in the solution and scrub it with your hands. For something more set in, you'll want to soak the item in the vinegar mixture for an hour before scrubbing. Afterward, wash the item as directed on the label. This method works for both white and colorful clothing.

Lemon Juice

For those pesky yellow deodorant stains on white T-shirts, a little lemon juice can go a long way. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice onto the stain and sprinkle it with some salt. Then, using your fingers or a toothbrush, rub the juice and salt into the stain until it fades away. Leave the shirt out in the sun to dry. Afterward, give it a rinse and launder as usual. This method has a natural bleaching effect, so you should only use it on white clothes.

Lemon juice can help remove and naturally bleach stains.


If you don't have any fresh lemons on hand, you can try salt on its own. Start by boiling a few cups of water in a pot, and add one tablespoon of salt for each cup of water. Mix the solution and let it cool. Then, dip a clean cloth in the cooled salt water, and rub it on the stain in a circular motion. This process requires a little more elbow grease than the lemon mixture, but it should have the same result. Wash the item as directed.

Baking Soda

For those tough, old deodorant stains that leave the pits stiff, nothing beats baking soda. Mix one part water with three parts baking soda to form a paste. Using a toothbrush, scrub the paste into the stain. Rinse it clean with a little white vinegar. If you want to entice the kids to help with laundry, this could even turn into a fun fizzing experiment. Finally, wash the T-shirt per the label.

Scrub baking soda paste onto tough deodorant stains.

Once you find a natural deodorant you love, you want to keep it on your skin and not on your clothes. The best way to avoid those marks and stains in the first place is to give your deodorant time to dry before you get dressed. You might also try switching to a new deodorant if yellow stains are a regular occurrence.

Now that you know how to remove deodorant marks naturally, are you looking for more tips on using natural ingredients around the house? Check out the DIY Naturally board by @tomsofmaine on Pinterest for more ideas!

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