Naturally Derived Ingredients Are a Way of Life for Tom’s of Maine Employees

By Sher Warkentin in Natural Products

As a company, Tom’s of Maine strives to provide families with healthy, sustainable products made with naturally derived ingredients. At the heart of that drive are the company’s employees—who not only value using natural products but also reflect the same ideals in their personal lives. One among them is Brendan Murphy, a strategic account manager at Tom’s of Maine.

Meet Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy

Brendan was inspired to join the company by his father, who is an ethics professor.

“When I told him I was looking at Tom’s, he directed me to a social responsibility book he wrote, Marketing and the Common Good,” Brendan says. “In it, he cited Tom’s of Maine as a socially responsible company that has a great history of high-integrity products and a sound stewardship model. I knew that if he endorsed Tom’s, it would surely be a great place to work.”

Long before he began working for the company, Brendan was a customer himself, having discovered the products as a father of two boys. When his oldest son started brushing his teeth, his wife brought home the Toddler Gel. As a consumer concerned for his family’s safety, Brendan notes that he feels confident using the same products made with naturally derived ingredients he now helps to sell. “I love knowing that I’m playing a part in spreading our great products to more consumers and getting them to think about what they’re putting on and in their bodies,” he says.

Embracing Tom’s of Maine’s Values

Like most Tom’s of Maine’s employees, Brendan embraces the values of health and sustainability in his daily life. He likes to spend time outdoors, appreciating nature and the environment with his family.

“My son’s favorite activity in the summer is going to the park, and we have a lot of fun getting outside in the beautiful—but too short—Minnesota summers,” he says. “My two-and-a-half-year-old, Henry, loves to swim, and it has been fun to get in the water with him as he’s learning.”

Brendan and his wife regularly take walks with the boys, and say they’re looking forward to teaching Henry how to ride a bike this summer. Giving back to the community is another personal ideal Brendan shares with the company he works for. “I am an O+ blood type, so I regularly give blood to a local blood bank,” he says.

A Little Advice Goes a Long Way

Brendan’s advice to those hoping to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle is simple: read the label.

“At Tom’s, we are very proud of what we put in our products and provide a lot of detail as to why each ingredient is in the product. If you’re unfamiliar with an ingredient that’s in a product you’re using, look it up!” he advises.

Brendan's advice is to always read labels in order to find safe products.

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Image sources: Sher Warkentin | Brendan Murphy

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Why It’s Good

Tom's of Maine employees are proud to use the products they sell because they know all about the naturally derived ingredients that make the products safe. As a consumer, you can feel safe knowing employees use these products on their own families.