Switching to Natural Products for Pregnancy

By Sher Warkentin in Natural Products

Motherhood brings many changes, and they begin before your baby is even born. When I was pregnant, I quickly realized my body's needs were shifting, inside and out. So, I decided to use some new personal care products. Here's what I learned when making the switch to natural products for pregnancy.

Your Body's Changes during Pregnancy

Though my baby bump was not yet showing, I immediately began to notice changes in my body after discovering I was pregnant. My skin, hair, and even teeth felt different. After doing some research, I learned I was not alone. Many women experience oily skin, acne, changes in their hair and nails, and the dreaded stretch marks as a result of pregnancy.

As the Mayo Clinic explains, shifts in your hormones and blood flow can cause skin changes, such as acne, during pregnancy. These same hormonal shifts can also affect your hair, which may feel stronger and grow faster or fall out, according to the National Institutes of Health. The second time I was pregnant, I was tipped off by the sudden change in my hair before I had even confirmed it with a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy is a good time to make changes to your personal care products.

Why I Made the Switch to Natural Products

My doctor gave me a long list of foods and medications to avoid during pregnancy, and I knew I needed to be careful about what was going into my body—but what about what was going on it? With all these bodily changes, I realized I wanted to modify my personal care routine. I wanted to be sure I felt comfortable using the products I had, both for my growing baby and my changing body.

Pregnancy initiates more than just physical changes; your worldview can change, as well. Being an expectant mom made me care even more deeply for the health of the planet. Pursuing a more eco-friendly lifestyle became vital to me as our family expanded. That was when I decided to switch to natural products for pregnancy.

Your changing body has new needs during pregnancy.

What to Look for in New Products

You can often grow accustomed to using certain personal care products. It can be hard to make a switch when you already rely on specific items in your care routine. But caring for your pregnancy skin doesn't require you to overhaul your entire bathroom. Start by taking a closer look at the products you already have. You might end up choosing to continue using many of them. A study published by The College of Family Physicians of Canada found that most active ingredients in skin care products for benign conditions are safe to use during pregnancy.

That said, as your body changes and you find that your skin care routine could use an update, switching to natural products can help to meet your new needs. Here are some of the factors to consider when making a switch.

  • Your changing needs. You might find that some of the products you once relied on are not the right fit for pregnancy skin care. With oilier, acne-prone skin, I needed to wash my hair more frequently than before. However, I wanted to avoid drying out my hair while cleaning my scalp. Choosing a gentle, natural shampoo allowed me to have it both ways.
  • Gentle ingredients. Irritation is another factor to consider when choosing natural products for pregnancy. Stretching skin can quickly become itchy and dry. Choose products that help to naturally retain moisture, and watch out for allergens and ingredients that might not suit your skin. To keep my skin moisturized, I switched to body washes that were gentle on skin and made with organic botanicals, such as Tom's of Maine Natural Body Wash in Creamy Coconut.
  • Fragrances. Skin isn't the only thing that can become irritated when you're pregnant. I suffered through morning sickness with both of my pregnancies, and certain scents could easily set me off. Natural products often feature mild fragrances derived from natural sources or are unscented entirely, helping to avoid those scent triggers.
  • The future. Becoming a mom also made me more aware of how my product choices affect the environment. Choosing natural products for pregnancy isn't just about your own skin care—it's also about the planet. If it's important to you to help protect the environment for your future generations, look for eco-friendly products packaged in recyclable materials with ingredients that are naturally sourced and derived.

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Why It's Good

Motherhood ushers in many changes, both in your body and lifestyle. Instead of becoming overwhelmed, embrace the changes and use the opportunity to reassess the products you use at home.