Tom’s of Maine Sunscreen Made the 2017 EWG Guide: Here’s Why that’s Important!

By Susan Dewhirst in Natural Products

Tom’s of Maine Baby Sunscreen was recently accepted into the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Sunscreen Guide. While our team is proud of this achievement, we also wanted to take some time to explain why it might matter for you!

What Makes Sunscreen Safe

Sunscreens typically protect the skin in one of two ways; some create physical barriers with minerals (like zinc) that create a visible block while others use chemical ingredients that absorb or filter UV rays. Some studies suggest the chemicals used in some products might pose health risks, because they penetrate the skin and can act as potential hormone disrupters.

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EWG’s Sunscreen Safety Guide Review Process

Being accepted into EWG’s Sunscreen Safety Guide is no easy process. When vetting products for the Guide, EWG requests: product samples, a list and percentages of active and inactive ingredients, and full package labels for each product. In addition to evaluating the ingredients, they look to see that package labels demonstrate transparency to the consumer. Making it into the guide is based on an overall score determined by:

  • Known and suspected hazards, such as toxicity and allergens, for every ingredient.

  • The scope of ingredient safety data available compared to other products.

  • Packaging safety because of increasing concern about bacterial contamination in products for babies and children.

  • For inclusion in the Guide, EWG looks for both a low hazard rating AND fair or better data availability.

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Long History

EWG has published a guide to help consumers make informed decisions about the safety and efficacy of the sunscreens they use for 11 years! For this year’s Guide, they tested and reviewed almost 1500 screens: 880 beach and sport, 480 moisturizers and 120 lip products with SPF.

19 Best Scoring Sunscreens for Kids

In the end, EWG tested hundreds of kids and baby products, 49 scored a Low Hazard (1) and ‘robust’ on their data availability. Of those, 30 were lotions and 19 were sticks. (Interesting to note: Sticks weren’t considered eligible for the Guide because some studies suggest people apply less protection than required when using a stick.) Of all the best baby and kid sunscreens 19 were selected as the best sunscreen lotions for kids including Tom’s of Maine’s Fragrance-free Baby Sunscreen Lotion.

Let us know if you’ve tried it yet! While you’re at it send along your best tips for applying sunscreen, we can all use the help!

Mom applying sunscreen onto laughing Daughter

Why It’s Good

The safety of the products that we put in and on our bodies is more important now than ever. Environmental Working Group has a rigorous product safety testing process and this summer they selected Tom's of Maine's Baby Sunscreen to include in their 2017 Suncreen Guide. With EWG's approval, parents can rest easy knowing when they use TOM's Sunscreen they're applying a natural, effective product that will keep their children's skin safe.