Eco-Friendly Party Ideas for Your New Year's Eve Bash

By Sher Warkentin in Thinking Sustainably

Planning to say goodbye to this year with a big bash? Get a jump start on your resolutions for a greener new year with these eco-friendly party ideas.


While paper party invites are pretty, they can be wasteful, as they will likely get tossed after the big event. Instead, opt for electronic invitations to give your guests the 411 on your bash. There are dozens of free sites that make it simple and cost effective to send party invites via email without using any paper. Plus, some online services even allow you track RSVPs and send guests messages, which can be great for last-minute directions or parking reminders.

woman using laptop to send email invitation to eco-friendly party at home


New Year's Eve is all about being sparkly and festive, but you don't have to spend money on single-use decor when you can easily make your own party decorations. One of my favorite eco-friendly party ideas is to repurpose holiday wrapping paper.

Save all that shiny, colorful wrapping paper and reuse it to make decorative garlands. Cut out large stars and punch one hole in each of them to string them up. You can also use that same paper to make your guests fun party hats. Use the tissue paper that was stuffed inside gift bags to make flowery pom-poms. Upcycle other items around the house by cutting up paper towel rolls to make these giant paper roll snowflakes that you can dust with eco-friendly glitter and hang from the ceiling.

festive wrapping paper for eco-friendly party ideas


If you're hosting a small gathering, why not ring in the new year with the good china you save for special occasions? If you don't have anything more festive than your daily dishes, you can browse a local thrift store for some interesting, affordable, and reusable finds. If you can't score a complete set, mix and match different patterns for a completely unique table setting.

While regular tableware is the most eco-friendly option, it's not always the most feasible if you have a big crowd. In that case, shop for disposable items that are compostable or made from recycled materials.

New Year's Eve party table setting with reusable plates


Serving up healthy, sustainable dishes is not only a great way to keep your party green, but it can also help your friends and family members jump-start their own eco-friendly New Year's resolutions. Making vegan eats doesn't mean you have to skimp on flavor or fun. Your guests will devour these healthy holiday treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Don't worry, you can still keep your menu eco-friendly when it's not possible to spend hours in the kitchen. If you plan to cater your event, look for restaurants and catering companies that use local, sustainably grown ingredients.


Everyone wants to make some celebratory noise on New Year's Eve, but those flimsy party horns probably won't make it past midnight. Instead, craft your own noisemakers. Depending on the ages of your guests, this can also make for a creative party activity. Guests can transform their cups into shakers by capping them, filling them with dried beans, and decorating the outsides. Kids can turn it into a full-blown jam session with these fun ideas for homemade instruments.

Confetti is another festive addition to your New Year's Eve party that you can make yourself. Grab some more of that leftover holiday wrapping paper and shred or cut it into small pieces. Have guests grab a handful and toss it when midnight strikes!

Dressing guests up in party beads makes any party more exciting, but unless you plan to accessorize with those colorful plastic beads all year round, they might not be the most eco-friendly choice. You can make your own versions of beaded necklaces, like these made of candy wrappers, or raid your kids' dress-up bin for feather boas and silly hats that party guests can put on before they snap those selfies.

A few simple swaps can make your New Year's Eve party a little greener without skimping on fabulousness. Share your own ideas for sustainable event planning with us on Twitter!

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Your next New Year's Eve bash can be fun, fabulous, and green, giving you a jump start on your resolutions for the year ahead. A few simple swaps is all it takes to make your big event more eco-friendly.