Green Graduation Party Ideas for Eco-Friendly Young Adults

By Bethany Johnson in Thinking Sustainably

This season, graduates and their families are experiencing all the jubilant emotions of the biggest life transition to date. Feelings can run the gamut, from excitement to anxiety about the future. As you consider the changes ahead, there’s no better time to refocus all the hoopla toward your appreciation and respect for the environment. Make yours a remarkably green graduation party with these eco-friendly celebration ideas.

Start With a Plan

Not all grads will get a chance to stand in front of the masses to tell the world what they value. Even if there’s no speech at all, there will certainly be questions about the future. Prepare your family early by rehearsing a quick explanation of what matters to you. When people ask, you and your young adult will be ready. Your plans for future ambitions don’t have to be complicated. They could be as easy as declaring a plan to enjoy the outdoors more often, champion environmental causes, or start a backyard compost pile. If you’re up for it, they could be as elaborate as announcing your hopes to bring change through your career choices or association membership.

Swap Out Invites, Decorations, and More

Green your graduation party with simple eco-friendly changes. These ideas will help you get started.

  • Make your own invitations. If you’ve never made your own botanical paper out of discarded scraps, you’re in for a treat. Homemade invitations to a green celebration are the perfect opportunity to try the craft. Head over to Mother Earth Living for a quick tutorial that will have you on your way.
    Making your own homemade invitations is a great way to set the stage for a green graduation party your graduate will never forget.
  • Switch out the conventional disposable plastic tablecloth with a clean, colorful fitted twin sheet. This colorful substitute is a perfect washable and reusable alternative to plastic.
  • Make your own upcycled confetti by gathering recycled paper or even leaves from the yard and using a graduation-cap-shaped hole punch to create tiny shapes from the scraps and foliage. The result is a naturally charming touch.
  • Grab biodegradable balloons instead of the standard kind. And though it may be tempting to release the buoyant orbs after you’ve had your fun, resist that temptation. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently published a plea for partiers to refrain from freeing balloons, and that includes the biodegradable kind.
  • Re-think traditional favors for guests. Use seed paper from a sustainable producer for your choice of charming memorabilia. When planted later, the paper sprouts and grows flowers, creating a lasting reminder of your green graduation party.

Pay Gifts Forward

According to the National Retail Federation, well-wishers are spending more and more money showering graduates with gifts to congratulate the achievement. Consider encouraging your graduate to allocate a portion of those financial contributions to a favorite environmental conservation nonprofit. Better yet, help your grad set a portion aside to fund a voluntourism trip for the upcoming summer months and get immersed in an area of the natural sciences.

As your young adult processes all of the feelings associated with this momentous transition, make the celebration itself one that feels naturally good by making the party an unforgettably eco-friendly event. Whatever you choose, make sure to tell us your ideas on Twitter!

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Why It’s Good

There are lots of feelings associated with the unique transition of a big graduation. Embrace all those feelings and channel them by making eco-friendly substitutions. Throwing a more sustainable, green graduation party instead of the conventional celebration is a great way to express yourself and focus on the goodness of the event.